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  1. I got teleported when I tried to enter the flyer entrance to the underworld on the Center map on official hardcore PC.
  2. Give rock elementals weight reduction for stone and dunkys for metal, thanks.
  3. SE and The Center both have no exclusive content except for the pheonix and quality whip bps you can't get on rag. The Center is much more important for endgame and has better base locations so it should have priority over SE.
  4. Are meks viable for offline defense if you put them on aggressive or do you have to be online?
  5. Nerf titans. I've seen a base with 150-200 turrets getting wiped by a desert titan in 2 minutes. It was down to 3/4 health at the beginning (I guess because of taming efficiency). It just ate all the turrets away. Most bullets weren't fired off. Making the desert titan not being able to destroy turrets would make a huge difference. Please look into that or tell someone.
  6. If they add a server it should be The Center. This map is much more important for end game because the artifacts for the rag boss fight are super easy to get on The Center. They should add both but The Center is top priority. SE for leveling up and The Center for artifacts.
  7. My game crashes when I try to join the official hardcore eu ragnarok server. It crashes in the loading screen. Also the server list is loading very slow, sometimes not at all. I'm on PC.
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