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  1. Do devs even look at these and respond? I know a bunch people that just bought season pass, but now may literally refund because they cannot play on valguero, We want to play on NA official pvp because we are good at PVP, butr the fact we joined late and now no new NA valguero servers all the megas are settled on them. Can we get a few more? do deevs respond or pay attention to these? please it would help a few people even if its 2 new na valg maps
  2. NA Valguero?? Wil lthere be more NA Valguero added so us alphas or noobs can build on , all the current servers all megas are on and wiping everyone building. Please come out today with one so we can all play!!!! We just bought the season pass for genesis but we cant even play on valg
  3. no only the entrance parts once fully in it than no
  4. Valguero more na servers? Will there be any more Valguero NA servers? ME and a group would like to play but all megas are currently on the ones out so now they just attack any server we go to and we cannot play we love pvp but when its already built up after we also bought this new dlc coming we are feeling pretty hopeless here, I wish NA valguero a new server would open up today
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