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  1. The Useless Dinos Should Have a Use Remember that thing, liopleurodon. That thing needs to be what the dossier said back in the day. Phoenixes should have a landing feature as well, it is really not that big of a deal but it just makes sense you know. I will keep adding suggestions about Dinos from time to time but this is what needs to change, in my opinion. Make Dinos great again.
  2. So if ı buy the season pass on windows 10 store do ı get it on my Xbox too ?
  3. Man the place where the dunkleosteus hologram was. I think thats the place where they made ARK's creatures. And i think i even have proof. The panel on the left has a DNA helix but helix is empty. The creature on every ark are geneticly modified if that is the case, you put different types DNA in to the empty helix and walla you have a geneticly modified Dunkleosteus. I just Hope i am right
  4. I hope desert will be in TheIsland map please devs I really don't want to see desert in another map I t can be both in TheCenter and TheIsland that is fine and This Mantis going to eat us alive
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