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  1. There better be a f..king rollback. If not, I've lost my best armors, weapons, main dinos, handful of babies... This is just ridiculous.
  2. Same here. I was out in the woods and all the important items and podded dinos on me. If I lose my stuff I'm seriously gonna lose my sh1t.
  3. Pellets fall through the floor When owl pukes a pellet, it goes straight through the floor. Sometimes it even disappears when hitting the floor. My floor is made of ceiling pieces. I tried replacing them, podding owls, but no difference.
  4. My owls suddenly stopped puking pellets few days ago.What's wrong with them, nothing has changed here? Edit: I got one to puke manually, but here's the next problem: When the pellet hits the ground (wood platform below the owl) it just disappears. Edit 2: I just noticed that the pellets go through my floor (made of ceiling pieces). I have never had this kind of issue, this only started last week.
  5. Agreed. More simple options to stack management is needed, just a few little ones. Splitting stacks in all inventorys and... Like if I got 100 stacks of stuff in my argy and I only want the amount I can carry, for example 20 or 50 stacks, I can't choose that. I can either move them one by one or all at once (and then I'm encumbered). This is really small thing but quite annoying when coming back from meatruns and tossing the meats here n there.
  6. Featherlight: Charge emission range. Is it capped when? I have 595 and it feels like the range hasnt changed after 500 ish.
  7. Can someone explain the Ark logic here? Im trying to build walls but game disagrees. Once again, Im facing a no-no zone where I cannot place any item...the item is green but no. In the photo you see the red area, green is fine. The terrain is pretty much the same and there is no big differences. Little bit to the right the slope and terrain is even harder and rocky but still I can put walls just fine. But when the area gets flat and easier on the left, it's a no-no. This is really frustrating.
  8. About Plant Y. Does it shoot stuff like plant X? Ingame description says yes, but wiki says no. So which is it? And, why does it have greenhouse effect 0% on my plot? It's properly watered and out in the daylight. I don't get it. It does say "fruitling" but...
  9. I have made few tickets before and it usually took 2-3 days to get answer.
  10. Umm.. on the main menu I see version 792.3 but server browser shows Network status: Healthy v792.51. Didnt my game update itself or what?
  11. Timeout all the time. What's going on? Okay WeirdCard, what did you do this time? There was some update 2 hours ago and I can't join server anymore, after that. I always get Host Connection Timeout. IF I get in, Im naked without any stuff and then timeout after 40 seconds.
  12. Umm, not sure. I dont think so. I just read the pedia, are you suggesting a 2 player harvesting?
  13. I dont have beaver. Yes I have been using the drag doedi in claws -trick. Annoying thing is, it only fits handful of stone and stops harvesting. Gathers only about 3 rows in inventory. Ark logic... About the crafting in argie.. but I cant craft walls in the bird.?? Only the special stuff which have engrams visible there. I should havr blueprint for anything else? :0
  14. Ok, very primitive question. What is the fastest way to make walls and gates? What is your strategy? Thing is, Im relocating my base and this takes way too long (patience level 1/10). In 2 days Ive made few hundred stone walls and maybe 60 stonegates+doors. I have doedi and theri in use, but still quite slow progression.
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