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  1. its annoying to have to drop your pet every time you want to put something in it and then have to pick it back up it would be nice to have a tab that lets you stop all that and makes it a simple thing.
  2. if its about keeping the rock drakes on abb you could just make it they require rad damage much like the magma needing lava to breed
  3. with the wyvern's now being breedable it would be nice to have them be as well
  4. have the troodon make a type of bio toxin like how the squid and bisilo make there own type of oil make it something like 10 an hour or something like that
  5. as a lover of troodons i would love to have there default food stat put to 450 like the other smaller class of dino's along with to make them less annoying add a ignoring armor when they attack a sleeping target so when you get attacked from a wild one your not stuck there for the next 10 min because of your 1000 dura armor
  6. with the new TLC to the carno it has made the allo's bleed more redundant. my idea would be to add a grapple like attack for the unmounted allos where they grab the target and try and hold it in place while the Alpha one attacks and bleeds. this would add more to there intelligence and pack like nature rather then just a group or angry looking dino's. and to add a bit of fairness if the unmounted ones take enough damage or use to much stamina they let go and cant grab again for a little bit
  7. i dont know if intended but the mining drill cant harvest the element vein on extinction and i feel like they should be able to.
  8. i have been breading Troodons for a while now and found that there food stat is dramatically low compared to other dinos. The bace stat is 100 food with a increase of 10 per level compared to a dino like the compy of 400 base food and a 45 food increase per point. could you increase it to a more resalable number so the babies can eat a full peace of meat
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