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  1. Not much of a heads up but the Evo Evant is on.
  2. Mac and Linux users First, how about an acknowledgement of the screwing we just got, locked out for over a week. Second how about some compensation, a couple bugs and you throw out a 4x weekend for the PC users meanwhile we were locked out of all the official servers only to come back to a completely wiped base. It’s bad enough you put us in this position, but you don’t even acknowledge the situation. So what’s your solution to making it right for us? I have one, since this happens far to often and last far too long how about dedicated Mac/Linux servers so we at least have an official server where it will be a level playing field.
  3. When they finally get us updated I urge everyone who lost their Dino’s/based to put in tickets to get them replaced. Of course if you had an imprint you are screwed out of that, also all the stuff in your base. Not to mention the nice 4x weekend we just missed as well. I wish WC would grow some balls and at least acknowledge this problem and communicate with us rather than ignoring it. The least we can do is blow up their trouble ticket queue once we get access to the servers again, keep them busy replacing our stuff.
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