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  1. What's the general recommendation for getting out of this group ? I play mainly in PC and the forums for the map I play i kinda dead, and I don't see much (if any) activity in the few groups I'm able to read...
  2. Hi everyone, I returned as a Solo on Official PvP a few weeks ago, and I would love to breed some Deinos to kill bosses. Issue is, I´ve been running Valguero maps for days and when I find eggs 130, 140, 150, they usually have 20 - 25 hp and 20 - 25 melee. Is that good for starting a line? whats the best you have found? I don´t have any contacts for trading eggs and Therizinos are super hard to tame and breed, so this is my only option to kill Dragon on Island
  3. I didn't knew you could cryo fishes... (sorry im new). Thank you for the advice! and your english is good
  4. Oh I know, but I think it is important to say at least now it is working, in case someone comes from a Google search and jumps directly to last post to see if it was fixed or not. And since title has not been updated (im not sure if in these forums you can do that), I left the message...
  5. Thank you for the advice! yeah, i missed the PvP / PvE differnce, but was confused as to why someone low level on PvP would have giga eggs to sacrifice and level up. Also, I think I've been asking in the wrong servers LoL!
  6. I just got twin rexes like 5 minutes ago. I play on official PvP (PC/Steam). I don't get that many... but apparently it works, so the title is not accurate.
  7. Hello good sir. I came here from a Google search, and your comment makes it seem like it is easy to find those OP giga eggs around. Am I missing something ? Are we talking official ?
  8. Following this.... What happens when you pair it so much that the mutation numbers goes in the negative range ? Does that dino become super mutable ?
  9. Looks like wonky and frustrating currently. There is a combination of: * Waiting for a specific time to tame * Any attack resets to 0 (why so harsh?) * Biome full of nasty things * They spawn in packs * No kibble option * Tons of fish required... That leads you to a whole new set of issues: * Hard to find big ones * Those dumb things that put you to sleep in 1 hit * Fish baskets easily destroyed by everything And I could continue listing issues with it.... Is really this experience designed around taming shadowmanes ? Or am I doing something completely wrong ? Cheers
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