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  1. Basically, the same way g.portal and the others do. I have a g.portal server now, basically the idea is that, instead of using a service (which runs their servers on *drumroll* a server computer, not a PS4, you'd run it on your own server computer. Since Sony hates crossplay so much, even though Wildcard has crossplay working fine between PC and PS4, they won't even allow a person to host using a non-PS4 system, forcing players wishing to avoid paying for a service to dish out $300+ for another game console.
  2. Sorry I abandoned this post. >.> Looks like there was just a random... 1/1000 chance that it spawned way too many raptors on my server that one time. I started another one, and it didn't happen. So weird. Like, I kid you not, there were probably 20 raptors within the first 20 minutes. Couldn't tame anything because I couldn't survive long enough to even learn any engrams to get tools. Now I know a little more, I could probably have used admin commands, but it doesn't seem to be any kind of problem anymore.
  3. Hi, I just bought this since it's on sale on the PS Store, and this is bugging me: is the only current way to host a dedicated server to buy another PS4? I get that Sony clutches its pearls when it comes to any kind of crossplay, but this isn't crossplay by any stretch, it's literally the same as these server hosting sites like G Portal, just using your own computer to run a server program. It's 2019. What gives?
  4. What's with the raptors? I just got Ark for PS4, and every time I start making progress on The Island, the entire south beach area gets swarmed by raptors and alpha raptors. I can't really... survive in this survival game with this happening costantly to where I can become equipped to deal with them. I don't want to have to nerf my game settings to make everything easy just so I can get to the point I can make structures and tame animals that can survive a raptor attacks. Any advice for avoiding these goobers early-game?
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