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  1. Lost my bloodstalker on Xbox single player and need tips to help me get it back Bloodstalker was attacked by some direwolfs and ran off and now I can’t find him or the area that I lost him in. I know xbox can’t use mods to help me find Itsy Bitsy, but I was wondering if there were any tips to help me find him?
  2. Has bloodstalker taming speed been fixed on Xbox? Just curious to know if this has been fixed for Xbox
  3. I've tried swiping and it didn't work
  4. Gnash not working will Allosaurus Hi, I have a pack of 2 allos but when I attack the gnash isn't working. If my memory serves correct, it isn't the bite that inflicts gnash, but the gore.....which I can't see to find out how to do Any tips
  5. Is 300.1 the most recent patch
  6. Literally yesterday before the mini update I play on Xbox though
  7. But that wasn't how it worked before. I know that for a fact. If I used it 3 times I went forward 3 days.
  8. Wierdly though, I have done this many times before and it always said that the dodorex was here, but now, it doesn't.i will try what you said though. Thing is as well, is that if o used it 3 times, I would be in day 3, but using it 3 times now just keeps me on day 1
  9. My game is glitching big time. It's quite sad. I use the set time command to 00:00 to make sure that the dodorex is defo here, but no matter how many times I use it, I don't get the message saying the dodorex is here. I am so sad, is there anyway to fix this
  10. Yeah, I know. It is quite anoying I don't even think that the Devs know about it
  11. If my memory serves correct, it is supposed to be a skeleton carno.
  12. Alpha creatures not appearing as skeletons Ever since the fear evolved event went live, the alpha creatures have not been appearing as skeletons. I have destroyed all alpha creatures and let them spawn back multiple times, but it didn't work. Below there is a picture of a regular alpha Carno Is there anyway to fix this, as I really want to see some of these skeleton creatures
  13. This is a picture I just took of an Alpha Carno As you can see it isn't skeleton Anyone I should talk to about this?
  14. Is anyone seeing skeleton creatures. Been to dead island 10 times after destroy all wild Dino's admin comand but still shows regular alphas. What should I do?
  15. And the skeleton creatures still aren't spawning
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