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  1. Is raiding unbalanced? WARNING : RANTING INCLUDED Was just interested in other players views. Is raiding too easy? I find it a lil bit unbalanced that a decent base that takes 100s of hours for a tribe of 5 or more players to establish can be quite easily wiped in an hour or 2 with a couple of soakers and a few veterans. In a particular video I watched A couple of OP gasbags easily soaked at least 50 H turret's, which kinda makes me think 'what's the point?'. It's like the big bad wolf has come to blow my house down and there was no bricks to build with (well there's metal, but you know, a few c4 and it's irrellevent). Defense doesn't mean too much for me in this game, it seems to be mostly sneakiness and finding hidy spots. Which can get a bit tedious. Love this game but... I wanna use what momma gave me. I WANNA LIVE MARGE! WONT YOU LET ME LIVE?! THANKS
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