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  1. New Aberration Server Player Dedicated Hey guys, I just launched my first server and am looking for people to fill it with. Here are the specs. Max Players - 60 Max Dino Level - 180 Uploading/Downloading Data - Disabled Tribe Limit - 4 Max Alliances - 0 Max Tamed Dinos - 200 Offline Raid Protection - Enabled Dino Harvest - 2x Egg Hatch - 2x XP Multiplayer - 2x Player Harvest - 3x Taming - 2x Right now there are only two people on the server so if you want a place to play that's not taken over by crazy alphas or admins come join us! SERVER LINK http://server-xssqaemj.arkers.io/ Make sure you save the post or server link or add me through discord or steam. Thanks!
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