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  1. Primitive plus I have 3 primitive plus servers The primitive plus engrams are not working on my servers Does anybody know what I need to do to fix it Ever sense just update My servers have been messed Up..
  2. Does anybody know what's wrong with the primitive plus mod?? I have 3 servers that have primitive plus on them Ever since the new update I cannot use primitive plus And every building that was built out of Primitive plus is gone....
  3. Primitives plus not working I have 5 servers 2 of them are on primitive plus I was playing on it yesterday during the update Obviously I got kicked from the game Then when I got back on line got on to my server all my primitive plus buildings were gone anything that was built from or out of primitive plus was gone The Primitive plus engrams are available but for some reason it will not allow me to Learn them I have more than enough points I can learn everything else except for any primitive plus...
  4. I didn't get the expansion pack but I do have the new map my Primitive plus is not working the Engrams are there but I cannot learn them everything and anything that was built out of primitive plus on my servers are gone..
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