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  1. Black is not a color though, go get ur kindergarten money refunded
  2. Genesis is going in the same direction..... but that might just be my server
  3. I have tried 3 different Extinction servers, and they are all the same, at world save it kicks most players, it is impossible to do OSD under these conditions, is anyone working to fix it so Extinctions can start being a usefull map again ? Anyone have any idea how to fix this locally? since i will probably be in retirement home when Wildcard figuires it out
  4. There is a list here https://ark.gamepedia.com/Aberration
  5. Rex, Mammoth adn Theri is no go, and they do not fly much...... its a lore, not a challenge thing
  6. So flesh and blood bots? just copy pasting premade messages, is kinda bot´ish Im sure you also got fired for not cheating people at Enron, so im not really seing how that is relevant to them being arrogant, they abviously do not take other people in to consideration in their attempt to make a living...... arrogance.
  7. its not LIKELY a copy paste, its guarranteed a copy paste, notice the wording, and how it does not really get specific about anything, thats a dead giveaway, Wildcards support is a bot
  8. No blame, just stating the fact that Wildcard is run by arrogant people. And its not the army, so following orders is not really an excuse, its still your choice to work there and in that manner
  9. GM ChivalJune 24, 2020 00:49 Greetings Lobsterbrains, We are sorry to hear that you have experienced an issue with the game and as a result lost your items. As a fellow survivor, we know what it feels like to have these things taken away and how frustrating it is. Please know that if we could, we would fully reimburse you for your loss. Sadly, due to our current internal policy, we are unable to adequately compensate you for your losses. We have notified the engineers, so you will hopefully not have to encounter this issue in the future. Should you have further questions or
  10. Wildcard will actually write you a mail saying, they do not help players as a result of internal policies, its arrogance at its peak, with these guys
  11. Nothing will happen by raging i forums, Wildcard does not care about anything but the bottom line, yeh its sad, but thats how it goes when moneymen arrives at a field Sign this, and hope for the better, EU has had some succes regulating the online markets. http://chng.it/nN8wfLSDkM
  12. Where do you get this from? is it just guesswork or is there something to back it up ?
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