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  1. How do I pick up the glowing fish? I'm playing the game on Xbox, I'm trying to tame a Hesperornis and for some reason I cannot drag the fish after my Icthyornis Hunts and Retrieves it and adds the buff to it. What am I supposed to do? It takes too long to use regular fish. It's just ridiculous.
  2. Hello, I'm Kiyoshiakira Hi guys, I've been playing Ark for a year or two. I like playing on normal except for changing the time for eating, tame time, and night and day speed along with a few other things. If you play on Xbox and like helping without being on the DLC, then join me! Kiyoshiakira is my Gamertag! I work pretty hard and would love help. Thanks!
  3. Kiyoshiakira I have a problem with crashing on the Xbox. I believing it to be either a loading or a rendering problem. I'm not certain of why it's crashing. I use the Xbox One S. Thanks!
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