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  1. So I was seconds from turning off my console n my parasaur detected him. He arrived an hour n half late but done me an extra raise. So faith is slightly restored but bare in mind they run late sometimes and i forgot to ask for saddles that it said in the email I would recieve but oh well. I have 5 of the 11 tames I lost. GG. Ty gm alberio.
  2. Angry survivor Just been stood up by gm alberio. I lost 11 tames when wc disabled transfers and I had arranged this appointment for 4 babies to be raised as a replacement and he dosnt show up. Wc all over. Rip Ark. All could be been avoided if they gave warning or only disabled uploads. I have never cheated but like many I am paying the consiquences for those who do.
  3. Ps4 transfers disabled A little warning would be nice, your still clearing up the mess from last time and now I 'll have 2 lots of stuff gone to this garbage, if u gave a warning i could have got my stuff out. I had a full ob full I lost last time 11 tames. I just uploaded 7 tames and all my gear once again to go defence on my server currently 142/70 population! Thanks again wildcard. Please fix your game.
  4. You need the crab or cryopod. Try build into where it is. If u can get a ramp going through it's feet when u mount it it may let u walk out using the ramp or structure beneath. Try enable wander or aggressive n bring a passive tame near. My reaper was stuck in rad zone I had to drop a transmitter n upload it. Hope u get sorted
  5. You clearly have nothing on official. Bob. It's a long hard grind to the top. I guarantee your a thatch bandit who has no clue. I didn't say it was my job. Lol.
  6. You can't hence why there's hundreds of angry survivors about to lose allot of hard work. Wc sits quietly n says nothing. Rip ark.
  7. All these comments and wc dosnt have the decency to answer any of them! You owe it to us to tell us the truth. You screwed up. Have we lost all our stuff? Have I spent weeks raising my tames with all ascendant saddles to lose to your mistake? Please answers me this? You have an amazing game run by a group of monkeys apparently. Jks. Wildcard you suck!
  8. Server transfer official pvp My character is stuck on an enemy server and my babies r starving to death back home and I have an ob full of tames giga mek ect with 9hrs on them n i can't download to refresh. Sort it out wildcard! Please! Anyone have info please let me know.
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