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  1. it's not up to wildcard do deal with this because it is impossible for them to do so instead i think that you should trade with traders who have good reputations that have been doing trades for a long time. or do your trading through them to another tribe so you only have to let the trader be around your base and not the other tribe
  2. what are trades I see that there are traders in this community but i can't see what they are trading so what are trades and how do i do them.
  3. if you don't have extinction then the only use is to power drones and enforcers, but I hope that it will change.
  4. can't join into PVP when ever i go to the PVP session place i can not get into any sessions it just says no sessions found so what should i do ???
  5. ark keeps frezzing i have tried everything i know of to get ark working but when ever i click on anything on the home page ark freezes please help me
  6. boss rewards/ tek engrams what are the boss rewards and what tek ingrams do you get from different bosses on the island
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