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  1. Invincible blade wasps Those this happen to anyone else? Ive been playing the map for 4 hrs and i cant get anywhere because blade wasps evem tho they stop tracking me they continue to follow me and in a min start tracking me again and i cant even get rid of them as nothing works on them i tried torchs like other people are ysing in youtube videos but nothing happens and i just die the only way for me to damage them was when i accidentally managed to tame a dilo but on level 77 he only hit them three times and died to level 20 blade wasps how am i supposed to deal with it EDIT: the blade wasps are ony invincible when in first person
  2. MrPL4GUE

    Season Pass

    lol this is the first game that does this because for a 30 pound season pass you should expect for it to have everything in it especially that its called ark survival evolved season pass and not ark survival evolved season pass part 1
  3. MrPL4GUE

    Season Pass

    The upcoming DLC in normal season pass august 2019 Will the upcoming genesis DLC be covered in the Normal Season pass or is it genesis Exclusive?
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