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  1. Thank you guys for this fantastic update! The Spino, Carno, Argy and Plesio are a MUST! They really need to be re-done. The Triceratops and Megalodon are also worth a re-do just like some other dinos and some that u already mentioned (Sarco)! Hope that answers your question
  2. So cool to see this game grow since day one. BUT The Island really needs a visual makeover to be honest. Ragnarok with all its versatility, detail and realism is the true star map at the moment. I would not mind if you wipe the whole map and re-do it because The Island has become boring and unspectactular. The player model itself will hopefully also get a makeover and realistic flowing animations. Thanks Wildcard, you do amazing work!
  3. hmmm.. why is it such a problem to implement individual breeding ways for the animals (regarding the insect breeding topic)? I dont expect you to implement it immediately it is just that there should be some realism behind this game to make it perfect and putting out a different individual breeding thing for the insects (like for the frogs, awesome!) all two months or so wouldn't be a problem. But putting it aside completely makes me very sad. I dont use mods bc YOU are the responsible, reliable and best developers. best regards and love for your passion
  4. Thank you!! So I can basically solve the problem that I have with this command?
  5. well that's a lesson, but still is it somehow possible, like, is there a cheat or something to make my dinos and buildings my properties again?
  6. I asked for help on many platforms now and nobody seems to care so I will explain my problem to you here again: Since patch 259.1 (where we were supposed to move some files) my character on The Island is gone (Ragnarok as well but it is not a big deal for me). I didnt move any Island files. The things is that everything I built and tamed is still on The Island but I am a stranger to my own properties. I cannot enter my base or interact with my dinos - nothing belongs to me anymore. So, any ideas how to fix this? Btw, I also tweeted you guys directly and no answer since nobody can help me so pl
  7. O.M.G. a question of mine has finally been answered! This made my day so much better
  8. well at least try to be more realistic when choosing release dates
  9. Guys I think you put yourselfes under pressure for no reason..you put out dates that you cannot fulfill anyways just release things without promising dates..just release a patch WHEN IT IS ACTUALLY READY and surprise us...I would appreciate that and it would not make both sides unhappy in any way...greetings from austria
  10. I hope that we can decide where to place the queen to let her build her nest ...for instance in the backyard on a cliff or smt bc flying back and forth to the redwood forrest is time consuming...you know just to have an eye on them in the base and yes I am also a fan of the possibility to ride the queen (would be pretty cool since the bees are logically automatically set on follow (the queen) and you could fly into battle with these guys
  11. Imo you should keep posting them in a high resolution it is fun to scroll down and actually see the details of the artworks!
  12. I bet it will live in the desert and since they have already been working on the desert biome for a longer period of time I think we can prepare ourselves during the next month(s)
  13. We can barely kill the normal looking one but looks amazzzzing
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