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  1. I believe this would be a worth while addition. It makes sense for the creature. Frankly I think it would be neat to watch a bunch of fecal roombas racing around my base cleaning and making fertilizer. Just a quick thought.
  2. I see your point. Maybe switch it to more of a charging station. Wouldn't need a battery backup if the generators turned back off once windmill power starts back up.
  3. I think a capacitor bank engram would be a good addition for mid-tier for this game. You could finally ditch that addiction to whale oil, or dead dino juice and kick it in the 22st or perhaps 23rd century. What you guys think? P.S. Solar panels would be great too.
  4. They are basicaly water Ravagers. except with no pack buff or utility added.
  5. So, no turkey trial? we skipping straight to Jingle jangle time.
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