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  1. After the rest of my tribe left to go play on unofficial, I realized there is no way to take ownership of the tribe even though I am the last active member on the server and have been for the last year. It would be nice if game admins could swap tribe ownership if the Owner has been inactive for a really excessive period of time.
  2. Hey, figured I would paste this here since Wc hasn't acknowledged it anywhere else. I t would be nice if the server I play on weren't in a permanent state of crashing and resetting back. Game has been stuck on the same server save for days now. I would sweat it, except the same problem has been popping up on the other official servers I play on as well. Plus to add insult to injury, the servers that are running fine, I'm afraid to jump to since there is that chance my character will be deleted from a failed transfer or end up booted from my tribe( I'm a solo player) on main server. At this p
  3. Hope the server maintenance helps with the lag spikes and DC's that keep happening on the servers i play on. Would be nice. Also kind of worried that with Ark 2 coming, WC wont feel the need to bother bug fixing genesis part 2. Hell, there are still some pretty bad bugs in gen 1 that haven't been even addressed ( Tames being banished to the shadow realm thanks to hlna's tp). Here's hoping for the best.
  4. Disconnects will always happen during a server save, or exactly at the worse time. Be nice if they could fix that at least.
  5. I believe this would be a worth while addition. It makes sense for the creature. Frankly I think it would be neat to watch a bunch of fecal roombas racing around my base cleaning and making fertilizer. Just a quick thought.
  6. I see your point. Maybe switch it to more of a charging station. Wouldn't need a battery backup if the generators turned back off once windmill power starts back up.
  7. I think a capacitor bank engram would be a good addition for mid-tier for this game. You could finally ditch that addiction to whale oil, or dead dino juice and kick it in the 22st or perhaps 23rd century. What you guys think? P.S. Solar panels would be great too.
  8. They are basicaly water Ravagers. except with no pack buff or utility added.
  9. So, no turkey trial? we skipping straight to Jingle jangle time.
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