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  1. There's no dossier for the DodoRex in-game.
  2. That's a corrupted shader asset. Verify game files, then reinstall all mods. To do the latter, completely close Steam, delete everything in STEAM_LIBRARY/steamapps/workshop/content/346110, and delete everything other than official mod maps (CrystalIsles, Valguero and Ragnarok) and PrimPlus (folder and a .mod file with a name of only ones) in STEAM_LIBRARY/steamapps/common/ARK/ShooterGame/Content/Mods, start Steam and let it install the mods again.
  3. This isn't strictly overspawning, but underspawning: the game tries to spawn Ice Wyverns, but these get switched into Fire or Zombie Fire Wyverns because of the event. As the spawner counts only Ice Wyverns, the dinos it actually spawns aren't counted and cause the spawner to attempt another spawn as if nothing is in the area. You'll have to disable the event or wait it out.
  4. Add _C to the name if it's missing. I'll correct the tables when I'm done upgrading my scripts.
  5. Yep, they're not loaded anywhere other than Genesis by default.
  6. Their data was changed, you've probably been hit by the bug where existing tames aren't updated.
  7. Eh, that looks like a formatting error instead of a bug with the Cryopod. {0} is just a placeholder for a value. Still, weird to see this being broken.
  8. That's just the way they spawn. You can start a mass genocide and kill the wyverns you don't need, and you'll reroll the dice.
  9. It is marked as not uploadable, which also prevents cloning. This likely was a conscious decision on Wildcard's side, given that Tek Trike is sorta a Genesis exclusive.
  10. I had no reason to work with supply crates before Crystal Isles, so I still use the terminology from the game assets. Sorry. Double crates have doubled items, and have a ring, yep. Instant crates are called deep sea loot crate in-game. Making the explorer map for CI was a pain cause any spot labeled as "beacon loot crate" can be a level 25/35/50/65/80 (+ double variants) crate from Aberration, 3/15/25/35/45/60 crate from base game, or level 45/55/70 crate from Scorched Earth. For Tropeo saddles, you'll want to get the level 60 from base game (The Island) and level 70 from Scorched Earth.
  11. I wouldn't count on level 60 as its spawns are quite unreliable, the pool is quite populated with other crates. Ideally 14% of crates in the desert region will be either require level 60 or level 70. For comparison, 20% of crates in the ocean will be the instant crates, assuming perfect help from RNGesus.
  12. There are eight crates that may contain a Tropeo Saddle, and 5 of them are on CI: level 60 crates (+ double), level 70 desert crates (+ double), and instant ocean crates.
  13. @singalty Those are figures drawn based on our data from the game files, verified recently with the DevKit. 19% and 9.42% are ideal chances for a single Alpha Crystal Wyvern to spawn in respectively the Emberfall and Desert regions. @wildbill Right, I only looked at those two regions. White Shoals has more RNG thrown to it: there's a 50% chance that a group of 1 to 3 Tropical Crystal Wyverns will spawn 50% that a group of one Tropical Crystal Wyvern will spawn, and extra 4.76% that it'll be a Blood Alpha. There are four White Shoals spawners - and 2 dinos per each. Chance
  14. @SAS Wyvern swaps on Crystal Isles are set in specific spawning groups on the DSE containers.
  15. @SAS It's not any wyvern, as only ember wyverns have a chance to be an alpha - and the chance is roughly 4.76% in Emberfall (about 19% in the scale of the whole spawner), or in desert 1.57% for a single one (or 9.42% in the scale of the whole spawner). The swaps aren't global, nor map-wide.
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