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  1. I searched for Ark: survival evolved high tops and saw a site that was selling them, but when I clicked the link it said it was coming soon, so hopefully I'll be rocking them soon!
  2. Extinction 1110 Transfering dinos out Ok, so downloaded the patch, got my dinos at the city terminal on extinction 1110, but it wont let me upload them so I can take them home, no cool downs or anything, says items in it's inventory will be dropped push any key to continue, so I push the any key and it doesn't upload, not sure if transfers are enabled yet, or if it hasn't been enabled on the server or what. Edit: forgot about crypods, so my tames made it home safe and sound.
  3. In my opinion anyone who is playing pve and complaining about orp, probably just wants to grief someone and destroy their base and kill their tames and claim their land. Which if that's the case, go play pvp quit trying to turn my PVE experience into some kind of PVP for wussies. I'm playing pve because I don't want to deal with crap like getting killed by other players, if I logged off and came back on with no dinos no base and some guy who pulled titanosaurs or gigas to my base to destroy it had pillared it and claimed it as his, I would delete the game and be done with it as would my spouse, no more money from us for dlc or whatever else the come out with. We spent tons of time building our pve base and tames, I expect all of my hard work to not be able to be destroyed by other people, if not, then what is the point of having a bunch of pve servers? Seriously, if you want to destroy a persons base and loot it, or kill someones dinosaurs, they have a mode for that, PVP, if you don't have the desire to play on the pvp servers to do pvp, that's on you, but don't try to ruin my PVE experience just because you not good enough to survive on pvp... Edit: Earlier someone said they didn't like that tribemates can kill each other, but me and my spouse love sneaking up on eachother and tranqing each other or having a old western showdown at high noon, but I could understand how some people might abuse that fuction.
  4. Sitting over here on pve, wondering why the heck anyone would play a game where a 13 year old kid can come and destroy a base you've built over a long period of weeks/months kill all your tames that took an hour or more each, or days of raising each, where people can raid you with a bunch of duped meks, in the mesh and now with fabricated sniper rifles, all while you're offline sleeping or busy with work... I'll never understand wanting to play official pvp. Literally all the problems people are complaining about are only really relevant on pvp, pretty much the worst you have to deal with on pve, pillars. Lots and lots of pillars. Hyped for December though!
  5. Ark Survival Evolved Shoes Was wondering if anyone knew where to get those Ark shoes from the Genesis Trailer that the developers had sitting in front of them on the table. I need a pair in my life! Anyone else think those things are really cool looking?
  6. I agree, but I don't know if the 1st season pass will expire or not, really want to get it, but unsure if the dlc is mine to keep. I wouldn't mind buying 2 season passes (really 4 2 for me 2 for spouse) as long as the dlc they release for it is mine to keep. Edit: If it's just like a Collection of dlc and bonus cosmetic items, they should clarify that on the xbox store, season pass makes it seem like you'll get it for 1 year then possibly lose access to it.
  7. Still hyped, but Sony sucks. Question, if I buy the 1st season pass, how long does it last? Do I get access to the dlc forever?
  8. Sony has more leaks than a pirate ship after a cannon battle. All the work the developers put into the codes and the messages and everything, and sony just ruins it. Kinda sad really. But I'm still hyped, and I'm definitely getting the season pass, because these developers put drugs in their code to make the game so addictive!
  9. But they do have the twitter feed on the site, Main page right side underneath Play on steam xbox steam switch, and underneath the report a server outage, im on pc though not a phone.
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