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  1. Do the game admins need a refresher on their own rules? Here: https://gyazo.com/9145ccd1950f93c9b2be8d9f66e5f958
  2. Resource caves being blocked... WC doesn't care! On our Genesis map the Resource caves are being blocked... a single person has put a behemoth gate in front of the Abberation cave on Lunar, making it impossible for everyone to access... and everyone on my server has put in tickets, since blocking pathways is against TOS... and WC has literally told us to switch servers?! That they are going to do nothing about it. These are PVE servers, so we are unable to do anything about it. Just... can't access important resources. Okay... good job Devs. Why do I even play this game? A this time we are not taking enforcement actions as that cave is an allowed location for players to build on regular PVE servers. You can find the dinos and resources of that particular location on other FreeBuild PVE servers as cave building is disabled on these.
  3. I would love this. Also it would be nice like someone mentioned if the icons were reworked. Maybe a grey icon if the Dino is not able to get food from a trough but is in range of one (like a meat eater in range of a berry filled trough could be grey to show he’s in range but there is no food available) i also second the idea for being able to control who eats from a trough
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