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  1. got trash dilo with point in ox ,allo with points in oxy and dunky with stam, then i didn't bother with santa presents anymore, way too much work for reaching super nice status for the crap i got, dinos do not spawn enough in number , the only place that is viable to get supernice, is cave of lost hope
  2. lol thanks now i found them back in that tab, never noticed there was a cosmetic tab, time to level my kitty now thanks
  3. i kill them with my thyla but when i make a chibi out of the bones, it disappear once transferred to my backpack
  4. right now the taming for babies seems bugged as you sometimes get bonus level sometimes not
  5. i double checked and found videos where the baby does get bonus level on claim and some video where level stay the same so it is server dependent i guess https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQllziWQEJo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJS-kHhCp7A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXWgZg7K7tc
  6. are all dinos coming with babies? wyvern? reaper? giga carcha?
  7. played the original ark game, but not yet the new ascended remake, i watch some video of gameplay, and noticed that now once you kill the adult dino , all you have to do is walk to the baby and claim it, that seem way too easy, also you get the bonus 50% taming on the baby, like the adult is lv 150, the baby will be 225 once claimed what the point of taming wild adult now? from what i understand claiming babies is like hatching them, you have the imprint bonus, rider bonus etc...
  8. lots of drama in this thread, and that is understandable when you spend thousands of hours into this game i personally put 7000 hours into this game since 2018, i stopped playing it early march and therefore lost all my bps and top dino, the difference here , it was my choice, and i was ok with that. am i going to buy ark ascended? yes probably if we get new content new dinos and new map, honestly $50 isn't much for the thousands of hours you can play, i think i payed about $60 for ark 1 and all the extensions, so $60 for 7000 hours of play time is really a ridiculous small price. don't mind starting over from scratch, anyway that was what i was doing on every new map, for me the fun is in the early phases (finding your spot, building and upgrading your base and weapons, hunting for good stat dino etc) not really a fan of the tek stage.
  9. did some carcha hunting again, center map, snow biome north, the best spot imho, as soon as you kill a giga/carcha, another one respawn immediately, but i had to find a better way to figure out their melee stat , because after taming over 20 of them i still can't break that 40 point ceiling, and since you cannot see dino's stat on official pve (except hp and torpor with magnifying glass), i decided to use my mana as a gauge, i spotted a 140 carcha and noticed it was doing 100pts damage to my mana (saddle and rider bonus dependent) so i decided to knock it out to see what melee it had, since once asleep you can open their inventory and see all the stats. carcha had 175% melee, so i know that 175% melee is 100 damage on my mana , with simple math i can approximately find what melee a wild carcha has just by looking at the damage it does to my mana (make sure the carcha is not in bloodrage mode or the math will be wrong) this morning i found a 150 carcha, doing 140 damage on my mana , so i guess it had around 245% melee, after taming it should be around 215 (39 pts) 245 -80 (taming nerf)+50 (10 pts average bonus for a lv 150) and after taming it that is exactly what i got 215% melee, 39 pts, my best so far, but since i already mutagened one that had 38 pts (43 after mutagen) i am not going to waste 99 mutagen on the latest just to get one more level in melee so now i have to find a carcha doing 150 damage to my mana to increase my chance of getting a good melee carcha and hopefully get more than the average 10 bonus points for taming, let me dream a little bit here 260% - 80 + 75 (15 bonus points) = 255% (47 pts) + 5 mutagen =52 , dream on at the moment my best stat are hp 44 (mutagen) stam 36 weigh 39 melee 43 (mutagen) but for now i will take a break till we get 2x or 3x rates again, because taming at 1x is a pain on official, had to use 4 baby rex and elixir to tame that 150, while you can tame one with just one baby rex and elixir at 3x and get 100% effectiveness
  10. the draw of the day so far GIGA : 135-95-60-140-20-15-150-20-140-15-90-20-145-45-15-95 CARCHA: 100-95-20-135(tamed but bad stats)-50-55-95-20-135(tamed 37 melee my best so far)
  11. carcha/giga i got tonight on center snow north official pve carcha 85 - carcha 20 -carcha 20- carcha 130 (tamed poopty stat) - carcha 50- giga 55 - carcha 85 - giga 135 - carcha 90 - carcha 20 - carcha 90 - carcha 60 - giga 20 - giga 20 - giga 20 - giga 15 - carcha 55 - giga 15 - carcha 85 - giga 20 - carcha 85
  12. i get them from the same spot (snow north) respawn is very fast , by the time you lure them to the sea, an other one respawn, then after sometimes they stop spawning , i don't know if there is a limit or if one spawn under the mesh preventing anymore respawn, i haven't been lucky lately, out of 20-25 giga/carcha that a manage to spawn , not a single carcha worth taming, the highest was lv100 they do spawn on lava island too, but i don't recommend taming them there , there is not enough dino around to get 100 kills within 10 minutes, i tamed one there and i lost a lot of effectiveness (pve official) going to keep looking until i find one with 40 melee (got 2 already with 41 points but in useless oxygen and speed)
  13. trying to get a high level carcha to spawn on center , all i got so far is 5 gigas and a low level carcha, all having fun together at the beach
  14. i recommend you try gamma first to practice that method, because alpha tribute is hard to find
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