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  1. There is this backup hole in which your char can get lost.

    Servers make every 30 mins a backup. If you transfer to another server which crashes before the next backup then your char is gone. So better don't do transfers while times the servers crashes moreoften.

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  2. Pimp the Riot Gear

    Since today I can craft riot gear. In joyful anticipation I awaited this ... and now I'm disappointed.

    Only 15 % more? Flak 100 and Riot Gear 115? And needs polymer to repair?

    Come on Wildcard, pimp the riot gear. 150 at least. Please.

  3. 2 hours ago, aadje said:

    My base has always been a safe haven for newcomers as the spawn point was protected from wild dinos, with a small building in which they could find some tools and armor to take. If i was not around there were instructions on a billboard explaining how they could get out of the base.

    That sounds like a base type I often see. Large areas surounded with behemoth gates with no real purpose, just the "My land" attitude.

    And if others have to read "instructions" if they only want to leave then there is something wrong. Blocking cave entrances with gates is also bad manner in my eyes. Caves are dungeons or resource places for all and no one should blocking the entrances. Saying you only want to ptotect newbies from the bad ARK world sounds like a false excuse.

    We all know that too much structures and dinos are causing lag, therefore we all should build small and efficient bases and keep our dinos in fridges.

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  4. You have to create a lower snap point. There are several ways described in Youtube videos (google for raise/lower foundations).

    As I can see it from the screenshot I would replace the foundation with a pillar-carried ceiling. If you have problems to get the pillar below the ceiling you can add a temporary pillar into the ceiling to create another and lower snappoint. You can also try to add a temporary pillar into the foundation what also creates a lower snappoint.

    In general it's best for perfectionists to not use foundations but always pillar-carried ceilings. To get a perfect flat base platform I only build the first pillar from bottom to top, and all others from top to bottom. I use a lot of temporary pillars to create lower and higher snappoints. It's all a bit tricky, for the lower snappoints you often have to stand and look in the right angle to get them.

  5. Food Value: High level taming now pointless?

    Recently I read a post here from someone who complained that all tamed high level dinos on his server have crazy high food values, with the other values low. I thought "Maybe he messed it up with the config of his server", but today I made the same experience on official with two megatheriums. First one was level 90, the second one level 130 when I started the taming. The first one has now 7500 food, the second one 10,000 food.

    OK, maybe a try of Wildcard to prevent senseless mass taming of dinos ("Look at my 500 dinos"). Why not?

    But isn't taming of high level dinos now pointless? Even the taming multiplier is then pointless because if I'm enforced to tame only low level dinos if I want them to have good values, it makes not much difference to tame with x1, x2 or x3.5. I don't need higher multipliers for taming of level 20 dinos.

    What do you think? Did you made similar experience with taming recently?

  6. Can now deploy again.

    I never had more than a dozen dinos, only for harversting. Can't be true that the "Look at my 500 dinos" players really can block gameplay for others if the server dino limit is reached because of them.

    Wildcard, there should be an unpod limit to prevent this. I see no reason why someone must have more than 100 dinos out, that's enough for any kind of egg/poop whatever farm. Sellers can present dinos with those statues and dino-value signs, like I have it already seen.

    There is one near my outpost with a crazy big borg cube fully packed with 50 gigas, all with the same neon color tone. Why? That's so totaly meaningless!

  7. Yesterday I made a hunt for a queen, and noticed that all spawns were stacked, often three hives at same place. If you destroy the "outer" hive, the next one can hold a queen.

    It was a pita. Because of the frequent freezes I always lost the queens out of sight. After many hours I got one.

  8. Val525 is crashing up to 5 times per day too. For luck it's always up again after 30 mins.

    Let's face it: In times of Corona Wildcard will have more and more problems to keep all 1000 official servers up. If no miracle happens we have to expect one server after the other go offline (ill workers, sceleton crew, financial trouble, lockdown, whatever) and not come back.

    Maybe you have luck and your server will die as one of the last, maybe you are unlucky and will lose all your stuff next week, because your server will no longer be administrated.

    I hope I'm wrong but this could be last days of our bases on official. Enjoy as long as you can.

  9. It's one of the server I'm playing on, too. Some weeks ago all was fine. But since then daily crashes, at least 3 times per day, sometimes 4 or 5 times. I think it's DDOS attacking from a group of players who think they own the server.

    If I'm right, Wildcard should region lock that server for some days to show who is the real owner of the server. Dreams ...

    So we have to wait until they have enough from their DDOSing.

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