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  1. I just returned to play this time on The-Island. I had the hope that this old map isn't that crowded so that I have smoother gameplay. But it was even much worse than on Valguero, where I had only sometimes such long server freezes. Up to 1 minute no server response, and this up to 10 times per hour. So I choosed the least populated The-Island server. It's a bit better there but still minute-long server freezes.
  2. According to ARK Wiki the oil well is treated as wooden structure what means it's on a 8 day decay timer. When I was an active player I logged in at least once per week. So your chances are small to catch a player who still plays, but not often enough to prevent pump decaying. Wildcard does even not free metal nodes how they should. There is this big cave in Valguero full with veins and nodes, and the cave entrances are usually blocked on all servers. I wrote several tickets to remove the doors, nothing happened. I guess GM's do first check playtimes of accuser and the suspect, and if the suspect is an active longtime player and the accuser a newbie, the ticket will be deleted without action. Economic decision. ARK is not a democracy but a bussiness.
  3. True, but how should someone see that it's decayed when it's encased? And it can only decay if I login too late, and then the encasing is also decayed. So where is the violation of the CoC?
  4. I had such an oil-pump-house for good reasons. First: You can place oil-pumps even in pillar-protected area. I noticed that when I saw the empty vein of my neighbour and thought "I can't place my pump on his vein because it's in his pillar range. But hey, let's try anyway, maybe it works". And it worked. My pump between the pillars of my neighbour. Oil pumps do ignore land ownership when placed. After a while I noticed that my pump was damaged allthough I had never a fight there. Special conditions which are coming up and then leading to a slowly destruction of the pump, which was the reason the pump of the neighbour vanished. He wasn't online often enough to mention that. Because I didn't want to live in constant fear of losing my pump I decided to build a metal encasing. You would do this too if you have a vein.
  5. According to the ARK-Wiki this is not possible without mods: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Water_Vein_(Scorched_Earth) Quote: "Outside of Official servers, stone and metal Irrigation Pipes may be placed connecting to the well at its snap points in the same way they connect to a Irrigation Pipe - Intake. On Official servers, no structures may be placed on or surrounding any Water Veins with the exception of a Water Well on top of the vein." So you have to build a long pipe to the next pond.
  6. Doppeltes keyboard mapping? Benutzt du den nummern block zum steuern?
  7. Ragnarok and Valguero have only deepwater leeds which don't come to the surface. Play there.
  8. Zapha

    Valguero question

    38,57 Take lots of food and water with you. You will get lost for sure.
  9. The only problem with rafts is if you transport dinos on it. They can't "mesh" and will be pushed out of the raft while colliding with terrain. To prevent this it's good to have the dinos one story higher on the raft.
  10. Start with a raft base. Then check up and then pillar timers near places you like. After a few weeks you will find pillars which will decay soon because the owner stopped to play. This is how I got several very good and large land spots at the beaches. But I lost them all ... because I stopped playing.
  11. I got my Tapa while sneaking half an hour through the jungle around the obelisk in ghillie armor. The armor prevents detection from the wildlife in the dangerous jungle and allows to get near enough to the easily frightened Tapa to throw the bola.
  12. Simplest tames are still those without wings. The problem with the Quetzal is the hitbox and the high torpor regen. I had 200 darts with me when I tried it, but failed. The wings are like shields, if you hit a wing, nothing happens. And you have to continuously hit him successfully over a long time, or the torpor regen will ruin your effort. I read it's better to use the crossbow and not the dart rifle, because with the crossbow you do more torpor damage. Anyway, I have aTapejara in my fridge, the next time I have motivation to play Ark again, I will try it again with the Quetzal.
  13. No, that's the trick when using the Tapejara. The driver seat can be empty. Same with the Griffin. Once I tried it with grappling at a Argentarius. That works with all flying mounts but you can only do some shots until you have to use a parachute the get back on the Argy and then get back over the Quetzal. But I was not able to hit it often enough. Maybe doable by this way but damn hard. Tapejaras should spawn near the green obelisk, have you looked there?
  14. There are several methods described in the ARK-wiki, but I think best choice is a Tapejara because it has a passenger seat from where you can use your weapons while steering the Tapejara with the "Move there" whistle-command. It's tricky and need some exercise. A Griffin is also suited, but more difficult to tame than a Tapejara.
  15. Wildcard should move PvE base-building into seperate instances like it is in e.g. EQ2. Means, players can place a door elsewhere on the map, and if they click the door a seperate instance will be loaded with only the owner and his guests in it. There they can build their usual crazy large lag-hells and do not annoy other players with it.
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