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  1. So yeah, I also tried in single and it works fine. I have however tried a few different servers and maps on MP, and they all place backwards.
  2. Update broke canvas So it looks like the new update has broke canvas's and made them unusable - they currently place backwards. Please test yourself and confirm this isn't just me.
  3. Can't transfer items or character ANYWHERE So after patiently waiting for Valguero transfers to open up, I'm now not able to get onto my server. I have stuff in my upload which I put in the terminal yesterday ready to transfer in. Because I can't get back onto Valguero, I've created a new character on a Ragnarok server and tried to get my stuff so I can reset the timer, but now it tells me it's been disabled here too, so I'm about to lose a few months worth of breeding because the timer expires in 1 hour. THIS IS HAPPENING TO EVERYONE, HOW CAN ENABLING TRANSFERS GO SO WRONG? Please bump this to bring visibility to devs ASAP.
  4. Same thing, it appears all transfers have been disabled.
  5. Valguero Fire Wyverns Since I've been on Valguero for the past 2 weeks, Fire Wyverns haven't spawned at all, same for the eggs. Can see this was a known bug and was fixed for Xbox/Windows 10 in the last patch but I play on Steam, (unsure if this is any different to the Windows 10 version) and they still do not spawn in. Can see there's a new update and the only notes regarding Valgeruo in the patch notes are: Minor map fixes for Valguero Anyone know if this has fixed the Fire Wyvern bug? My game is updating and I'm about to head out so unable to check myself.
  6. Damn, was wondering what happened on the Valguero Official I'm on no statement as to when this'll be fixed?
  7. vnla


    Discord Hey bud, what's your Discord?
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