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  1. Good luck getting this one fixed. They still haven’t fixed the Bog spawns on Genesis for console, and how long has Genesis been out now?
  2. It was supposed to go live at 5 where I live, but it hasn’t come out yet.
  3. The achievement OP mentioned is for collecting all the artifacts from the island caves only, not explorer notes. Whoops. I commented on the wrong thread. I’d delete the comment, but for some reason this site doesn’t allow that.
  4. Have you beaten all the bosses as well? The boss dossiers count as Explorer Notes. With each new story map released, it adds another boss dossier that needs to be collected to obtain that achievement. I play on PS4 and before the release of Aberration I got that achievement after beating the Manticore on SE.
  5. Get a Karkinos and have it hurl you up there. Use a parachute/grapple combo to get on the skiff.
  6. Will you guys please fix some dinos not spawning in Bog on Genesis for console. Sarcos, Kapros, Baryonyx, Spiders, Spinos, Piranhas and a host of other dinos don't spawn on the map like they're supposed to. No matter how many dino wipes are performed.
  7. Still not fixed in PS4 Singleplayer.
  8. Dino spawns still broken. Anyone know if they're ever going to fix the Dino spawns in the Bog and Arctic biomes? In the bog, Sarcos, Kapros, Baryonyx, piranhas (or any fish) Spinos and spiders still won't spawn. In the Arctic, Ferox won't spawn. I've done countless Dino wipes to no luck. I remember seeing complaints about the Dino spawns being broken on console when Genesis first released, and was hoping it would be fixed soon.
  9. What about the PS4 settings getting reset every time we log out? Been a problem since Genesis released. Any idea when they'll fix that?
  10. You need to go this before all major boss fights to preserve characters. By major, I mean Overseer, Rockwell, King Titan, and Genesis Boss.
  11. The dinos aren't 'lost.' They just didn't teleport with you. They are most likely still standing in the spot where you teleported from. I was teleporting from the Arctic to the bog, and my iguanodon didn't make the trip. I I went back to the Arctic and was looking for it, but couldn't find it. I assumed it was lost and just tamed a new one. Few days later I was travelljng through the Arctic, and I come around a corner, and there is my Iguanodon. It was in the spot where I had teleported from, it just got left behind for some reason.
  12. The last PS4 patch didn't fix it. We'll have to hope the next one does.
  13. If you are on singleplayer and are being attacked by an invisible reaper, just do a dino wipe. That'll get rid of it. I know you think it's cheating, but if you're getting screwed by a glitch, you shouldn't feel too guilty using it.
  14. As I have stated, this will not be fixed with a work-around. It'll require a patch from Wildcard. And I'm guessing this fix wasn't in the last update ps4 players got.
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