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  1. Okay, thanks, that's some nice information.
  2. You need a grappling hook, but thats it
  3. What would you consider this to be? So we're a couple of admins of our cluster that are questioning a spot on extinction. Would you guys say that this is intended to be here? And that people should be allowed to build there? Edit: Would be nice with an offical word
  4. EOGamer Ark Server Cluster x10 FRESH WIPED 2.8.19 Welcome to our Ark server cluster! We’re currently running 7 servers in a cluster with these maps below.! – Valguero – Ragnarok – Extinction - The Island - Scorched Earth - The Center – Aberration Our workshop collection for our server https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1785178729 Our discord! https://discord.gg/WNzKbRN Here you can get support, we post updates, and chat with people. Current mods! We’re running a few different mods on our servers, this is a great combination to get fast into the game. 566885854 - Death Helper 731604991 - Structures Plus 761535755 - Ultra Stacks 812655342 - Automated Ark 899250777 - Utilities Plus 924619115 - Editable Server UI (WBUI) 924933745 - Dino Tracker 1083349027 - Naj's Speedy Flyers 1136125765 - Bitou2k's Binocular 1373937944 - Offline Guard System 1609138312 - Dino Storage v2 ARK Api Cross Ark Chat New Player Protection Anti-family share No More Undermeshing Server information Dino respawn at restart Admin commands display in chat Max tribe members 12 Max Tribe Alliances 3 Max Tribes in an Alliance 4 Max dino level 150 (+Tek/Rare Sightings) Max Wyvern level 190 Max Player level 105 (+30 level ascension) Items/Players/Dinos can be freely transferred between all maps. Non-transferable is Element and - Element Fragments Custom recipes allowed Diseases enabled and are non-Permanent Corpse life span is upped a lot Server allow Crosshair, HUD, Third Person view, Hit Markers, Player location on map, First person riding, Gamma Flyers can carry player XP rate is x10 Water drain value changed Food drain value changed Tamed dino damage upped Tamed dino resistance upped Tamed dino food drain default Wild Dino resistance upped Wild food drain upped abit Wild and tamed stamina drain lowered Multi-level building on platform saddles disabled Rates Drop rate x10 Element, Element Fragments and Element Dust x5 Electronics x3 Altered stats Player weight doubled Player Fortitude upped Non Tameable Titanosaur Non Transferable Titans cannot be transferred off Extinction Flyers cannot be transferred to Aberration Managama cannot be transferred to Aberration Gigantosaur cannot be transferred to Aberration Removed engrams S+ turrets (Flame, tranq, minigun, rocket) AA Autocrafter TEK ATV Mutators can't assign a gender and corrupt dinos We're looking forward to see you on our server! Also the reason for our servers being low on the ranking on arkserver is because we switched our host. We had nr 8 valg. If you have any questions you can contact me on our discord or just pm me [D--P] Marsbar Terkelsen#4898
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