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  1. HZMike

    Cave meta nerf

    if you think about it , once this nerf were to happen , mega tribes would most likley go and wipe every single Alpha / Beta , official PvP would turn into just megatribes , thats it.... no one else would really be able to play the game without getting bullied off a server
  2. Add Gigas to Classic??? I have been playing classic for a few weeks now and it has come to my tribe mate's attention that Ark Classic is missing a couple things that make the game very fun and enjoyable. I think there are a few things that should be implemented into classic to make it more fun and enjoyable but one of my main suggestions is adding Gigas to classic. Some may say that adding Gigas to classic could ruin the fun and play style of Classic PvP but I personally think Ark Classic needs a change for the better , and I think adding them could make Ark Classic a lot more enjoyable , as players who enjoy breeding will get to enjoy the awesomeness of being able to start their own Giga lines , and it would also add a really fun pvp aspect to Ark Classic as Classic players would be able to participate in Giga fights , etc. I personally feel like being able to implement a dino that can be bread over and over again to try and create the perfect build will be super fun and enjoyable for larger tribes (almost like a race to see what tribes can have the best giga lines) and as I said previously it would be awesome to see big giga fights in classic without having all the tek sheilds and meks like they do in Official which brings me to my next point. Alot of Ark classic players I have talked to have mentioned the fact that they dont like having Gigas in Offical because Meks can just come in and drop bubbles or start shooting them with the gun , but alot of them have told me that having Gigas in Classic would be amazing because you dont have to worry about any of the Tek stuff. This is just a suggestion that I feel would make Ark Classic alot more fun , it would be a nice , new , refreshing , fantastic update that I think me and MANY other classic players would enjoy , please consider it. Thanks https://www.strawpoll.me/18410466
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