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  1. Another tough ... The "mutations" are equal on each line except the 5th...
  2. That was my tough, "jump through some hoops" is also an expression, to do everything that it asked...
  3. The only reason i find about this file is that you can import the signature from it. Maybe we can use it later to decode something else.
  4. The red ball look like the moon! It look like the exploded moon from Extinction. at some point in the video we dont see the ball, but just the exploded parts... Are we going to have an explanaition of this events?
  5. i think : [LOG_TRANSMIT] I'll contact you when it's ready. We registerd to a mailling list they will mail us at some point.
  6. I just dont know why but i keep reading "Ézéquiel" as the poster name
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