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  1. https://clips.twitch.tv/UnusualPeppyTaroKevinTurtle so this follow mechanic is normal on PC on a 24/7 basis? This is how everything follows all the time on this server. Not just once in awhile. Also when attacking stuff you and the victim just start teleporting around in circles and only half of your hits get detected. If so, it is extremely pathetic that PS4 runs 5x better than PC.
  2. Switched from PS4 to PC....Unbearable Lag on PC? Or just bad server? (TL;DR at bottom) So after much contemplation, I've decided to switch to PC after 4+ years of console gameplay. I built myself a PC with a RTX 2070, Ryzen 2600x CPU, and 16gb of ram plus a lot of other upgrades and good components. I logged into the game today for the first time, and noticed a "Fresh" Official Island server only a few hundred days old, so I joined in. First impression: WOW! the game looks AMAZING on PC compared to PS4, I'm able to run around on Ultra settings without even a studder even rend
  3. So here's some more food for thought. I was down near the reaper queen area farming some red gems last night and had an eerie experience like this. I turned my light on to kill off some nameless and a Seeker came after me. I turned my light back off and proceeded to kill it. It died, and as it fell to the ground I heard, in a very stressed out, almost painful, spectral voice "Please, Let me out!" It freaked me out a bit and I proceeded to climb outta there without hesitation.
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