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  1. https://clips.twitch.tv/UnusualPeppyTaroKevinTurtle so this follow mechanic is normal on PC on a 24/7 basis? This is how everything follows all the time on this server. Not just once in awhile. Also when attacking stuff you and the victim just start teleporting around in circles and only half of your hits get detected. If so, it is extremely pathetic that PS4 runs 5x better than PC.
  2. Switched from PS4 to PC....Unbearable Lag on PC? Or just bad server? (TL;DR at bottom) So after much contemplation, I've decided to switch to PC after 4+ years of console gameplay. I built myself a PC with a RTX 2070, Ryzen 2600x CPU, and 16gb of ram plus a lot of other upgrades and good components. I logged into the game today for the first time, and noticed a "Fresh" Official Island server only a few hundred days old, so I joined in. First impression: WOW! the game looks AMAZING on PC compared to PS4, I'm able to run around on Ultra settings without even a studder even rendering in bases. Just your normal Ark lagg spike every 20 mins that lasts 10-20 seconds. After about 2 hours and I started focusing on performance over aesthetics I noticed that equipping weapons or performing actions have a Input Lagg delay that's about 1 second long at all times. (I press 2 to put away my axe, but there's a very noticable delay before he actually puts it away) it's extremely irritating when on PS4 its instant. The Raptors I tamed literally FLY all over the map when i put them on follow. They literally glitch and fly and rubberband all over the place and are absolutely out of control. Never an issue in PS4, this is literally next level rubber banding that's constant. On my raptor, I tried to eat a number of parasaurs and phlomnia. It was SO much trouble trying to kill anything with my tames. All the wild dinos literally start to rubber band all over the place and teleport behind you the moment they try to run when attacking them. *TL;DR*: Input lagg on all actions, equipping and equipping for example, tames on follow fly and rubber band all over the place and out of control, and I cant kill wild dinos with my tames because the moment wild dinos start to run or attack they turn into a teleporting, rubber banding mess. Again, I've played ark for 4+ years on console, I know what normal server lagg is, this is something else. Is it just this newish Island server? Or is this normal for PC? Is there a fix? I want to play this on PC badly, but this is unbearable.
  3. I asked this once. Two years laterrrr....
  4. Is seriously so bad. Should have always been an option in the base game. Why even add compartments if it's so ugly that nobody wants to do it lol
  5. Vacuum Compartment fixes. In the game currently, building a base with vacuum compartments is annoying because of all the metal bars all over the place when you hide the walls. Its so ugly as well. Would be awesome for compartments to at least have an option to "Hide Borders". ? or just the S+ overhaul. Sloped pieces would be cool as well, but I'm mostly just concerned about the bars everywhere!
  6. I would test it myself, however I am at work and I am antsy and curious if anyone else has 100% confirmed it on Official. It says in the update that you get the Dedicated storage from the Beta Dragon on the island. However, a friend of mine did the Ragnarok fight on SINGLE PLAYER and it unlocked the dedicated storage for him. I'm unsure if single player and official will be the same in this regard, so I gotta ask... Has anybody done Alpha Drag on Rag yet to confirm if it does or does not drop the dedicated storage on Official servers? (PS4 to be even more specific, but I doubt that matters)
  7. So heres the scenario. You want to start breeding for more damage mutations on a boss rex you bought. It's current mutations are destroyed (2019383/20) (1949582/20). What's the proper steps to take? I think I'm going in the right direction, just want too make sure. As of right now I took the Male I bought, and bred it into a Wild F. The Baby popped with all of the males stats! And is a F! Also the Mateilineal line has reset to 0/20. That's where I am at right now.
  8. So here's some more food for thought. I was down near the reaper queen area farming some red gems last night and had an eerie experience like this. I turned my light on to kill off some nameless and a Seeker came after me. I turned my light back off and proceeded to kill it. It died, and as it fell to the ground I heard, in a very stressed out, almost painful, spectral voice "Please, Let me out!" It freaked me out a bit and I proceeded to climb outta there without hesitation.
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