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  1. I've submitted tickets before and have been helped promptly (7-10 days) for glitches and other misc reasons. As my first "harassment" ticket I was just curious about it being labeled as solved Immediately is all. I just wanted to make sure I didn't do anything wrong in sending it in lol. Sounds about right though. I figured they would watch the video I linked for them then go from there incognito based on their decision. A video of a guy kiting wyverns from across the map on Rag into our base wiping out all of our babies, with his tribe name in spyglass, and him gloating in chat with the whole server against him (he's kited everyone, were the first to catch it on video) is pretty solid evidence. Just curious to see the outcome. One guy got completely dev wiped on our extinction server for piping someone's base so I'm curious to see the result of this.
  2. I submitted a support ticket about some harassment and it was labeled as Solved right after it submitted. I recieved 2 emails saying they're looking into it, but they have to keep any decisions made against the players private. So I'm not sure if they're looking into it or not since it was instantly labeled as solved. Just curious
  3. I asked this once. Two years laterrrr....
  4. Is seriously so bad. Should have always been an option in the base game. Why even add compartments if it's so ugly that nobody wants to do it lol
  5. Vacuum Compartment fixes. In the game currently, building a base with vacuum compartments is annoying because of all the metal bars all over the place when you hide the walls. Its so ugly as well. Would be awesome for compartments to at least have an option to "Hide Borders". ? or just the S+ overhaul. Sloped pieces would be cool as well, but I'm mostly just concerned about the bars everywhere!
  6. I never paid attention to the bottom left of my screen to see if it was saving when I was messing with my transmitter. Server saving causes them?
  7. Everyone else notice that the traditional 5-15 second lagg spikes are directly correlated with the servers upload timer resetting from 0:00 to 15:00? Everytime I am in base and get that spike I grab something and check my transmitter and it's freshly reset every time. Not that this is helpful info, just found it interesting.
  8. I would test it myself, however I am at work and I am antsy and curious if anyone else has 100% confirmed it on Official. It says in the update that you get the Dedicated storage from the Beta Dragon on the island. However, a friend of mine did the Ragnarok fight on SINGLE PLAYER and it unlocked the dedicated storage for him. I'm unsure if single player and official will be the same in this regard, so I gotta ask... Has anybody done Alpha Drag on Rag yet to confirm if it does or does not drop the dedicated storage on Official servers? (PS4 to be even more specific, but I doubt that matters)
  9. On Ragnarok I know to start the Alpha fight you have to be level 90, but do the other players also have to be 90? Or can lower level people participate with you as well as long as the person starting it is 90?
  10. Our rexes are currently at 40k hp 1200 mele. But it's a tad overkill.
  11. Took 9 days for me. Which, unfortunately, my mana despawned before they could come help because of decay timers lol. (Accidentally left a quickly made tribe on a server I was scouting and forgot to unclaim my mana first, so it got stuck in that tribe) They did help me with a couple other problems though I had complaints about. GM Tobida was super cool about it all.
  12. I submitted a ticket 8 says ago, still no word. I fell through a hole in the map on aberration with 5 crypoded shoulder pets. I threw them all out before I finally starved to death so they're currently sitting about 15 feet underground. The main thing I'm curious about is this. There's backstory to how this happened, but it's long and I'm getting to the point. My gf brought her mana to aberration, noticed she was in a solo tribe on that server from over a year ago, left that solo tribe to join mine but forgot to unclaim her mana before she left the tribe. Now her Mana is just sitting there in her old tribe which nobody is in. Any trick to get it back?
  13. You know what guys, I have a great idea. Let's do a 3x breeding event, then tell everybody it ends on the 18th and tell nobody at what time!! That way nobody can breed at all on the last day in fear of imprint timers! I mean seriously, are you at all connected with your community atm? How hard is it as a "professional" developer to send out a tweet of when the servers will revert to 1x rates. -irritated player with event dinos in cryopods just waiting to raise...
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