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  1. Email Helena with 27dc56e4-8141-4197-9cda-fc4d6e4ab4f3
  2. We only recently have the permission to Access this file, but why only recently? it wouldn`t make sense if it`s just the same message in another form.
  3. How has this gone unnoticed? We now have Access to this file, but in my Editor it Shows up as a bunch of korean letters and `emojis`
  4. i just realised that the Thing i wanted was the Audio put in a spectrum analyser not a spectrogram, sorry if i wasted your time. My fault Edit: i was Looking for a Picture of the Audio in this program, i dont know what the Software is called and i couldnt find it
  5. Hey guys, the Sound effects for this stage of the Website are strange, does somebody have Access to a spectrogram? https://cdn.survivetheark.com/g/sfx5.mp3 is the link, just Right click on the Player to download it. Edit: I want a Picture of the Audio put in a spectrum analyser i messed up.
  6. That user is probably Helena/OWW because she is the only one who could do that. I mean after millenia the System had to be updated and the errors had to be fixed someday. The System is unfair, we probably wouldn`t have escaped Aberration if an Overseer-tower hadn`t gotten nuked.
  7. What i've gathered from all of this is that it looks like that Helena is trying to give us the ability to go to Arat Prime and not get killed, since we can't leave Extinction normally. The countdown looks like it shows the systems process, at first it connected to Arat Prime (Init AP Uplink) then it asked for a fingerprint which is now done. It processed everything and now after that it's checking if everything is OK.
  8. Wouldn't that mean that the AI on the moon is destroyed?
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