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  1. PC(STEAM) and PS4 crossplay Hello me and my friend would like to play together. Different platforms. Is Ps4 and PC(steam) possible? How can we do that.
  2. thank you for your answers. that's the only question I want to ask there. move the dino out. or is there something that requires owner or administrator permission to transfer the Dino to another server? I wonder about him. I have 1 Tribal friend and it's really good. we met at the game. and we've been acting together for a long time. but if we decide to take it again one day( PvP only. we are both not professionals :D) is there a permit to prevent the removal of ownership or the exchange of servers? sorry was a bit long.
  3. I see. they've gone. we'll make new ones. but first, egg dinos. does the arc have anything to do with preventing these types of situations?
  4. English is not my first language. I write in translation. one of our tribal friends turned out to be a traitor. he stole all our mighty dinosaurs. I don't know how I get back.
  5. My dinosaurs were stolen in PvE me and my friend stole all our dinosaurs while they were offline. Doesn't the arc have a mechanism to prevent this? How do I get my dinosaurs back? Please help
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