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  1. NA-Official-Valguero558 Down Currently NA-Official-Valguero558 is down after crashing. Many of the reported bugs relating the map and event are also affecting the map; lack of ice wyvern spawns and deinons / deinon nests.
  2. Broken Aberrant Zone Spawns - Valguero Hello there, Invellous here again with another bug plaguing NA - PvE - Official - Valguero 558. Currently the aberrant zone is suffering from a bug that is preventing spawns in most of the aberrant zone. The waterway and lake currently are spawning creatures. In fact the spawns seem to have been increased in areas featuring bodies of water while most of the aberrant is barren and lifeless. That is not the say that the entirety of the biome or zone is like this there are still small pockets within the aberrant zone that do spawn creatures but this is far
  3. I am the official server NA-PvE-Official-Valgeuro558 and can confirm that these spawns are exceedingly rare, so much so you can farm crates and pearls with impunity. I have not seen a Plesiosaurs in a month. I have seen Leeds but they are infrequent.
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