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  1. FIX TROPE TAMING!! Seriously, how has this not been fixed yet?? Just switch it to force taming. I spent the past 24 hours trying to tame a lvl 85 event trope. It got stuck on 49% twice and glitched out of 3 pens, one of which was entirely enclosed! Such a waste of resources to prep for the taming just for it to not work correctly. Classic WC. But hey, it's Summer Bash Event so that negates all of the painfully frustrating issues right?? Are we being forced to use a quetz platform or something so they can just rip us off the saddle and kill us repeatedly?? Do really want some a
  2. If you have one that's a bit bigger and remember exactly where it was, try walking through where it was. I can't where the Iguanodons were and eggs/feces are still falling. Or throw one out that's not too important and try walking through it. My aberrant Spino is still here/visible. Hopefully this will end up being an amusing glitch and not actually losing tames.
  3. Aberrant Dinos Missing. Patch to Fix? I can deal with losing the event dinos I tried taming, but we've also lost aberrant dinos we bought months ago. Had a cryo that said "Aberrant Iguanadon" with a picture of a raptor, threw it and nothing came out. Is there going to be a patch to fix this? Annd update: are they invisible!? an egg and feces just fell from where the dinos were. Rant Section: Not going to spend hours - days to tame or collect resources to buy a tame just to have it disappear on me. Maybe try testing updates/patches a bit more before pushing more customers away from
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