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  1. Welcome to ark my friend, You as a user of mac, and myself as a Linux gamer are considered second class gamers. They promised way better performance with a vulkan renderer back in 2017 but probably never going to happen. If you search the forum real quick you will notice that every time an update goes out both of us will have a broke game for weeks tell they remember our existence to roll an update out. Pretty much refund this game if you still can, Wild Card doesn't particularly care for mac and Linux gamers.
  2. Actually they stated they are workign with valve to get it workingg, mostly because Easy anticheat was bought by epic games and stated they are not continuing their relation ship with valve. You can searcha round pretty known, just gotta watch the proton github for the updates when this occurs
  3. Welcome to wild card not caring about the community, this if you didn't know is a perpetual habit of theirs, at least they are so lazy only the volunteer mods will come by and censor some of the forums. But I can assure you all, that this is a regular thing for mac and Linux users, you may get the update about the time all your dinos have died and base decayed on a multiplayer server if we are lucky.
  4. LOL, and here we have a simpleton, look at him, thinking WC cares, thousands of people can't play this game right now and it is WC fault. They all payed for the game just like us, many bought DLC's like the idiots we all are. And yet at the end of the day treated like trash. The game that runs horrible on windows with consitatn crashes and bugs, runs far worse on mac and Linux, infact the Linux community has done far more to get teh game running better over there than the developers. The only issue is that running this game via steam Play/Proton means Battle eye is borked. So instead of setting in your delusion of WC is doign a dam fine job, actually sit there and think, how many bugs are still left from day 1? cause there are youtube videos pointing them out a plenty.
  5. it isn't even worth waiting for honestly, they don't read their forums, the native version on Linux is a joke, they forget to update mac and Linux constantly, they promised vulkan for all platforms in 2017 so the game could run decent. But here we are throwing coins down a well that we will never get a fix for what ails us
  6. oh it prefroms amazingly actually, but yeah battle eye is off, but even native is decent if you do some tweaks
  7. thats the issue though, the community is doing a better job at supporting thsi game by far than the developers. Also the wine/proton way of doing it though performs drastically better battle eye si broke tell they work our how to get it working with valve
  8. I got a chuckle, but it would seem they want more money for DLC then maybe in 5 to 6 years when dx11 is dead they might give us some vulkan
  9. oh I am pretty sure they just aint worried about it, WC has a nice history of this happening dam near every update. So good luck with the ticket
  10. LOL, if your second class we are probably the garbage haulers, over on Linux we usually have to fix the issues our dam self. Curious what issue are you having? cause I can log on to servers on Linux just fine right now.
  11. Is Vulkan still being worked on? Is the Vulkan and/or Direct X12 still being worked on? It was stated in 2017, here we are way later, game still runs bad on windows, Terrible on Linux. I am just curious if its still ont he table or am I wasting my prayers here? Also could we get a patch on Linux, seams there was a update and once again here we are not able to play the dam game. For those that don't know, on Linux this game is terrible no matter what, stutters bad glitchy light bloom, missing textures, there are only 2 options availabe as of right now, we either runt he windows version of the game wich runs way better on Linux, but we loose battle eye so no battle eye servers. Or we run Game mode developed my Feral Interactive, I do the later but all that does is makes it playable for the most part. Even just Vulkan across all platforms would make this game so much better perforamnce and graphical wise.
  12. Redwood Love Lodge, now accepting reservations!! Redwood Love Lodge located int eh newly opened ark Valergo is now accepting reservations!! Come book your romantic retreat with us today. https://youtu.be/Wgwo9Skp_3U
  13. Linux Gamer has arrived Hi all just a Linux gamer here to tame some dinos!!
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