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  1. WC Dev teams new motto "admitting to incompetence and doing nothing to fix it"
  2. Will the Valentine's chocolate and candies dissapear like the Christmas stuff did?
  3. Im not going to comment on the delay because it's whatever at this point nothing we say will make a difference. However thank you thank you thank you for fixing meshing. I have seen to many bases fall due to meshing. Tribes afraid to build on amazing parts of the map due to meshing. Thank you for finally after years fixing one of the worst exploits in this game.
  4. Can we get some more information on what a chibi is? Do they stay after the event, breeding do they need cryos etc.
  5. The colors for this event are horrible. Set out with the hopes of taming a purple and black jerboa and after hours of searching nadda. Why list purple as an event color if NOTHING spawns that color? Halloween you expect to see bright bold colors and the colors offered for this event are a fraction of a step above the colors that already normally occur. Big fat waste of time getting kibble and everything else ready for colors that aren't there!
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