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  1. Official. The only reason they knew about it is because they logged on with alt accounts to check for us to be online. They used the alt accounts to mesh into their base. You don't have to mesh to get in - we just flew in with gliders and then strung up zip lines to get back out. Why they felt the need to mesh is beyond me but is likely just a result of incompetence. We could use the 15 minute timer to do some damage but it takes at least that long to drain slot capped heavies. They just log on to their main accounts once their certain we are in bed and then we start all over again. We're happy to PVP and they're the aggressors every time we fight. Last time they tried to gank us while we were out farming. We kicked their teeth in but they ORP'ed once we showed up at their base. It's getting really annoying.
  2. ORP Abuse Can someone help me understand what constitutes ORP abuse? There is a tribe on our server that has been trying to start fights with us. Every time we stomp them and move to push their base, they log off. We just went ahead and dropped some dinos in their base because we're sick of trying to deal with this.
  3. We were almost wiped by the Dragon on The Island when we tried with just Deinos, a Yuty, and a Daeodon. The bleed effect also isn't that effective against the manticore or the monkey on Val. Single player damage is 3.5k per tick on the monkey and 1.5k on the manticore. However; the rhino will do a consistent 6k damage to each of them with a full charge meter. Just don't charge directly at them - run past them and in circles and you'll get a few hits without losing the charge meter. Again, the Dragon on Val melts to the Deinos because of its disgusting health pool. Around 7k per tick.
  4. It is significantly weaker. The Dragon on Val dies in under a minute whereas it took 15 minutes to bring it down on The Island.
  5. Deinonychus - Here to Stay? Is there any word on upcoming balance actions being taken against the Deinonychus? My tribe has gone, umm, crazy in investing in them. They want to do all boss fights with these things (only.) They melt the Dragon on Val, but seem to get their teeth kicked in by the Dragon in The Island. I'm also less than impressed with their damage against the monkey and manticore in the Val fight. I'm concerned that they're trying to put all of their eggs in this basket when it seems to me that their bleed effect against bosses is likely to go away in the near future. Thoughts?
  6. Dino Damage Calculation Does anyone have any concrete information regarding dino damage? I ask because we recently built a dummy to screw around with and found that our bred rhinos with 850% damage will deal 400k damage to the dummy when at full charge and ridden by the person that imprinted it. How in the world does that equate to wild dino and boss damage? The wiki says to divide that number by 6 but that still comes out around 66k damage. That's significantly higher than if you follow the damage calculation described on the wiki. Based on that, this wild dino should be doing around 7.3k damage with a full charge. What gives? I'd love to be able to just disassemble the binary myself and take a look but; unfortunately, that is not possible when the code is cooked by the Unreal Engine.
  7. Single Player Bosses Does anyone know for certain if there are differences in the bosses between single player and the official servers? I know there is for the Dragon based on the Wiki. I'm just not sure if that omission from the other, newer bosses is intentional or if the devs simply have not gotten around to updating the docs. If it is different, then does anyone know the setting that we can screw with to create apples-to-apples environments for testing purposes? Thanks!
  8. Just found this on their Wiki pertaining to the Dragon: Note: The Dragon Boss has less health and damage resistance compared with Official Servers I wonder if this applies to all bosses.
  9. Thanks. I really wish the dev's would get their act together and update the docs. That isn't a luxury we get away with often in the corporate software development world
  10. Does anyone else see these results? This is a level 1 alpha dragon.
  11. Deino Bleed Damage Can anyone explain how the bleed damage is calculated for the Deinonychus? A guy in my tribe is saying that it is a % of the targets health where the actual percentage increases with melee damage. Is that accurate?
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