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  1. This may actually end up enforceable simply because the tribe with the gate is not the same tribe that has structures inside the cave.
  2. The CoC already has an ORP provision that deals with alt tribes. How is that any different of an abuse than this? There are apparently multiple tribes with spam in there, but none of them play on the map.
  3. I get that general notion, but I don't see how this doesn't fall into the category of "griefing." There are other provisions that they are willing to apply to the PVP experience, so it isn't completely the wild west as it stands. I think they ultimately want the experience to be competitive, but I don't see the competitive angle here. It really is just petty.
  4. Code of Conduct Revisions Are there any official channels for petitioning for revisions to the CoC? I ask because we have a rather constant issue with people popping onto servers and walling off artifact caves. Then they go back to their primary server and only return to reset the decay timers. I've been told that this currently is not against anything in the CoC, but it seems like it is an analogous situation to people using ORP to hide behind alt tribe structures. In any practical context, these are effectively alt tribes that are actively abusing the ORP rules to benefit their prima
  5. The support staff are there to help you out. They don't participate in the development of the product. The role I think you mean is that of the QA engineer. I'd be interested to know how WC actually uses them if they even have any employed. Are they really just button clickers?
  6. Why does the volume matter? Yes, it would be more test code. That is a given. Omitting tests gets features out faster, but it doesn't matter how fast features are flying out the door when you're constantly dealing with production issues after-the-fact. Those issues have an impact on your bottom line. You act as-if the problems that ARK has had does not negatively effected it's popularity. The exact opposite is true. The only people sticking around are the die-hard fans. I am one of them. Server populations are dwindling and people are leaving the game because of rampant bugs, constant ins
  7. The fact that you don't know why this is a silly statement proves that you're asking questions that are out of your depth. We had to develop within the Unity framework just like the original Subantica devs do. We just didn't do it with the benefit of the Unity editor. All of our components and features that we added to the game are built within the same constraints that they have. The fact is that it is fundamentally possible. It is a decision of the developers on the project not to practice that discipline.
  8. As an aside; I find it hilarious that the spellcheck for this forum would think that the word "programmatically" was misspelled. Coincidence, or telling? You decide.
  9. You'll find my most visible work over on the Subnautica multiplayer mod, Nitrox. It is an open source project and can be reviewed on GitHub. It has been a while since I've contributed to the project, but I was a core contributor for around 8 months a few years back. https://github.com/SubnauticaNitrox/Nitrox My handle was MadMaxOfYore, you can find me as a contributor under the insights tab. This wasn't even native Unity development, and we still have unit and integration tests for components that we inject into the Subnautica runtime using IL injection. If we had access to the a
  10. I've worked with 3D games in my off time and; yes, it is entirely possible to write unit and integration tests for that type of software. Granted that full E2E testing with 3D simulation is entirely hit or miss, but I honestly couldn't give a hoot if the proper animation does not fire just so long as the argy picks something up. If the software is designed appropriately, then core business functions can be isolated into objects that can be placed under various test conditions free of the animations themselves. Additionally, depending on the framework the team is using, it is also possible
  11. ARK 313.11 Client/Server Desync Wow, this has got to be the worst run of ARK "patches" from WC. I am now intermittently experiencing a client/server desynchronization bug on official ORP servers where the client thinks I am in once place but the server thinks I am somewhere else. The horrible part is that the server still receives movement instructions from my client. I just now had an instance where I was walking around in one of my buildings when I started taking damage. I then noticed that I could no longer interact with any of the objects in the building or open the door to leave. I
  12. I was just thinking the same thing. The mind boggles over how fixing Gacha poop and that ability to do anything with the Argy would result in a 640mb download...
  13. I shudder to think what they'll break by "fixing" the argentavis and gacha bugs introduced by this patch. Next thing you know, they'll have "fixed" us all into being unable to consume food and/or water.
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