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  1. Server 999 Xbox I wish Hyperion get wiped off server 999 on Xbox. Omg what a bunch of salty idiots. I’m experienced in the game but I feel bad for any new players who happen to click on that server. Why is it allowed for mega losers to block off the terminals and leave aggressive dinos on spawn points. I repeatedly asked how to leave the server their response was a bunch of your mama jokes (how original right ) anyway my question is - is this allowed? Are mega tribes allowed to keep aggressive dinos at spawn points and block terminals.
  2. Meshing : Advice Hello fellow arkers At the moment I’m on extinction Xbox official and the so called alpha on the server has built in the mesh. How do I go about reporting this? I took a capture on my Xbox. Lousy cheaters! I was so annoyed when I saw that.
  3. Gamertag Is there any other way of getting my tag to you other than posting it publicly?
  4. Recruitment Hello, if you are still recruiting I would love to be considered. Is there a gamer tag I can message or party chat with?
  5. Yes let’s do it. Awesome. What’s your gamer tag?
  6. Hi I just found this post now I didn’t get any notifications at the time. Where can I find the actual server name etc? I tried to send a message but I couldn’t. Thank you
  7. Older players Hi everyone!! Super excited to be here. I’m looking for older players to game with on the Xbox 1. I hope this is the right place to post. I usually play locally with my children but I don’t know how to locate a server that has older players. Ideally I’m hoping to game with people 30 and over, I just don’t feel comfortable playing with children. Hope that makes sense. Wishing you all an amazing day
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