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  1. Never happened to me, but i had same issue with managarms 2 times. Rock drakes are fine on extinction and island, other maps not tested(official servers pve)
  2. Yes, absolutely. I would suggest to make dino cap number bigger but not something extremely huge, that would cause a lag. But I think structures causes much more lag than dinos, ive seen big bases structures load and give 5fps but dinos instantly loaded when near some1s base. Separate PVE and PVP changes for sure. PVP changes making a bad effect on PVE, because pve isnt about raiding, and dinos nerf makes pve harder. I play PVE only and the new beta changes that is coming is good only for pvp, pve shoudnt get the owl nerf etc.
  3. Managarm bug I had my managarm disappear on island map only, and they disappear whenever you try to move on it, also it makes your character lose all items if managarm was ridden when disappeared.I think its a bug that they disappear only on that map, because they never disappeared on other maps for me.(Official PVE)
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