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  1. XBOX EXTINCTION SERVERS BROKEN SINCE PATCH Can't log into Extinction Servers on XBOX since the patch!! 1065 for sure but i have heard from other players it is all Extinction servers PVE People have lots of babies dieing! More hard work being lost from a crazy large patch that just breaks a bunch of stuff! Bases are decaying on render on Genesis as well. I am guessing another bug you patch created and people will never get anything back for!? Last week, Xbox 550 disappeared for 3+ hours, then did a huge roll back and I lost 80 baby gigas. Had eggs in fridge at 1 min cook down when it dropped.
  2. I Just checked and the "Mission no build" zones are still activated... as of 3/5/2020 3:57PM MST
  3. No Build Enabled on Build Free Servers XBOX I built in an area on XBOX 1336 Free Build No Mission server on the first day it released. Yesterday I logged on to find my entire base was wiped because the "No Build Mission" zones had been activated and wiped my base! There is not supposed to be any mission zones! Or "No Build" zones! What are you doing to fix this!? and what are you doing to get my Base that I worked all day on back? I believe the "Mission No Build" zones are still activated even today. We can't even trust to build in fear it will be wiped for no reason...………. I have a screen s
  4. Xbox Valguero 1082....Frost wyvrens been broken with no eggs and fire spawning instead since the big patch to fix the candy corn drops...……...You guys going to fix it before the event is over??? WILDCARD?? I would rather have event eggs than candy drops!
  5. Very cool Wildcard! Maturation, xp and harvesting! Plus colors and special event items! I have been a bit disappointed lately but you did well with this event. Thank you!
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