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  1. Well iv been playing since the release and thats how u tell when the rates are increased lol u don't log out to see if anything has changde u walk outside and pick up a rock whatever the rate is will be the amount of rocks u receive unless its a .5 then they round down dont understand y u keep defending them they paying u
  2. So here is what im saying how is it far that i paid the same amount of money as everyone else but when i go collect a rock by hand i get 1 rock as were they got 2 or 4 we are being robbed of our time and really how hard is it to increase rates and its not like i was bitching about the rest of the week the 2 days i lost trapped in a OC server just wanted the standard weekend evo event didn't think that was to much
  3. So no evo event pc had a bunch of time with increased rates with the new map now we get it months later and your still making us suffer. Can't believe that even after people have been trapped in your OC servers for 2 days now its just disrespectful to your console players
  4. So we get told for 2 weeks that There's a evo event coming to the new map and 30 minutes after the event should be running we are told sorry folks my bad thats a bunch of crap
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