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  1. Have you figured out the problem @Goofygopher323 ? Still haven’t heard anything back from my support ticket.
  2. I still haven’t got an answer from my support ticket either
  3. I tryed xboxofficial, crossplay official, and I also tried unofficial and non dedicated servers. I tried every option
  4. Play anywhere pc crossplay So I just got a gaming PC and downloaded Ark because I own it on xbox. Every single server I try to join says that the host does not allow cross play with your platform. What ones can I join? I'm really confused. I tried the ones that say cross play and the ones that say xbox.
  5. Valguero non dedicated server gonee I have been playing on a non dedicated server with my boyfriend for a week or two and my game just updated and now my whole server is gone. It shows the saved symbol still but when I go to load it says day 1 and is telling me to make a new survivor. I also have one on the island and that loaded normally so not sure what happened did the update wipe it ?
  6. Kellybethx3


    Thank you this makes sense now lol What will looking for the opposite sex do?
  7. Kellybethx3


    Farlazar? I found a farlazar but when I google it I can’t find anything about it does anyone know ?
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