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  1. myown4321

    idea for ark

    idea for ark I have idea for ark any admind avalible?
  2. myown4321


    ok thx I will...im moving area if they keep doing the same I will do that thx so much
  3. myown4321


    ok thax but I argue with them cus im tired with all that all the time they get bore or something they start goin to my area to botter if this happened again I will do thx so much
  4. myown4321


    hi thx for reply but I will like to play official im playing ark for long time n when I start I found a few server with the same n I look for other server after a few yrs this start happening again people trolling me im not a kid I know they want the area they are broking the ark conduct im not trying to go that far but if I join on other server n happen again what I have to do people take this game to personal like is real life n all ways trolling people n doing whtever they want on official servers so that's why I come here to go with the rules I love ark is a lovely game trying to have fun n enjoy the game the much I can
  5. myown4321


    valguero hi,i have a question I start playing on new server n after a few days people start botter me goin to my area I tell to get out of my area n they don't leave I bring the animal on my area just to make them leave n they start kiteting me I tell them its to many areas where u can farm everything so why my area the y say the can do whatever they want on the game the area I take have like 5 metal stone n they say I get ban for build on a metal spawn but im not killing no spawn I cant find no area to build everyone have pillar everywhere so I need to know I can build there or I have to change server I got tames there all ready anyone can hlp me with info pls appreciate that thx this happen on pve official server
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