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  1. Genesis Dedicated Server There is not an option to host Genesis as a dedicated server on Xbox. Is this intended? If so, will the option come in the near future?
  2. Xbox One Dedicated Server Issue So, I host a private dedicated server for a group of friends. When we first started trying to play Valguero on a dedicated server when the map was first released, the map wouldn't save (or technically load) correctly. This was a very known issue and Wildcard fixed the issue a few weeks back and everything was fine. After the update earlier this week, the save issue has returned with a vengeance. I don't feel I need to elaborate on the issue since it was so known. My question is, is it known that the issue has returned? Is Wildcard working on it? I haven't seen any recent posts about the return of the issue, all are from the original save issue. Thanks in advance for any useful replies.
  3. Enabling Past Events on Xbox Dedicated Server I run a private, host-dedicated server with a second Xbox as the host. I was wondering if there is way to enable events that have already happened and expired on the dedicated server. I have found how to do it on PC, with -ActiveEvent= (Event). Can this be used on the Xbox hosted server? If so, do I put this into the general admin command bar? Or, do I need to input the command on the host Xbox in some place? Thank you.
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