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  1. New modes just constantly divide the already tiny official pvp population, I wish you guys would stop making new modes.
  2. Boosted breeding rates, the rest I don't really ever use. I do not like color dinos in the wild, takes away from us breeders.
  3. Where to even start.... Cave building started with your turret limits. The turret limit made old typical building spots no longer viable. Then came meks that could shoot outside turret range, manas that could freeze outside turret range, and then titans. Then you have cryos, you can chunk 100s of turtles on the roof of a base. Or use 30 tek tapes to burst down a base. 2k dura tek suits, 1200 dura flak, 300k hp diplos, 80k hp turtles are just way too high, need a wipe. Remove extinction, make it so you cant build in caves that can be defended by one person with an auto clicker indefinitely . Cap bps and dinos stats and amounts you can have? Basically every change since release has gotten us here. The freezing people with snow owls and popping out a pocket giga is just stupid. Fix duping. Over-capped saddles. The list goes on and on. Why would anyone ever go outside a cave? I have 0 reason to go outside, if enemies come, let them stay out there, why go out and feed them kits, dinos, and resources. You win pvp by ignoring them now. Dont even have to go outside to farm thanks to gachas. Getting rid of caves would cause an issue with storing breeders. Who wants to store 100 or whatever level 5 clean clones outside.
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