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  1. Well, I'm on xbox and windows 10, I'm using windows 10 to actually get the paintings onto the server i play on on xbox, so...perhaps that might work somehow. I'll try it later in the week.
  2. Sounds like slowing down the rate at which you apply the dyes to the canvases might fix it. because i noticed that unless you have like 200% of a dye, it'll just go by really quickly. Like...if it says 0% it shouldn't need anything.
  3. God that sucks so hard, jesus christ...Yeah, this doesn't sound like an internet problem, this just sounds like a problem with the actual game, and they should really fix it on consoles. Is there anyway to like report this, because...i literally never come here. to be honest i completely forgot i had an account here that i apparently made last year.
  4. That doesn't make sense, usually the ping's pretty low for me. usually like....30 or so, and it still always ends in a kicking. And like a year ago on the same server cluster I was able to do it without any problems. Just sounds like the actual code for the game is raptored, maybe. I still haven't gotten a resolution to this anywhere, sadly.
  5. In general? because it never used to do this before, like...I want to say in early 2019. I had a picture of the manticore that I took in 2017, that i sadly lost with my old xbox, from the rag arena. Hell, it worked on windows 10 whenever i tried to test this on my single player server
  6. Hm, perhaps, but i was talking to some other guy on the subreddit, because i asked the same question, and he said he had the same problem too when loading up a painting from the actual in game camera you can get, and that's happened to me as well, at the time i just thought it was a glitch. And even then, i scaled all of my images down to 256x256 like the video from the TLC 138 guy told me to.
  7. Anyone know why loading a painting onto a canvas causes the game to kick me? Title. I recently learned you can load up custom paintings onto xbox one via the windows 10 thing so I spent all day getting set up for that on the nitrado server i play on. I placed down all of my paint canvases in my room, got some good looking images relating to gundam or star wars or something else. However, whenever I actually load the painting up, the painting loads up half way, then it freezes and i get kicked from the game. I actually just tried to set up a phantom of the paradise painting for my tribe mate
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