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  1. Pillars ruined my playing experience I‘ve been playing Ark on for a month on ps4 and i‘m lvl 64. I think i didn‘t do any progress since lvl 20 . The problem is that in my area there are only Pteranodons and Parasaurs and i really want to have the argie which is pretty much impossible for me to catch without building a trap and nowadays all the official PvE servers are full of the Pillars which makes it hard to build one i‘ve tried to go a little bit further in the map (Ragnarok) but i‘ll always get killed by raptors whenever i stop to restore my Pteranodon‘s Stamina . I also tried to join a tribe so i could use someone else’s help which will make the things easier but it’s impossible since i‘m always not quilified to join any of them Any advices ? Thx
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