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  1. Our cryofridges are always powered, they have never lost any charge in all the time I have been playing. This week our electricity cables decayed for no reason in a base that was rendered only the previous day, and not just a quick render but actually played in for several hours, and the next day nearly all the cryofridges contained dead cryopods. Cryopods have a charge for 30 days, they shouldn't decay in less than one day.
  2. I was talking about cryofridges, and they were rendered every day.
  3. This really sucks, we are starting to see all kinds of weird crap happening now since Genesis was released, all these sudden patches are clearly not properly tested and are released on mass to every server at once, screwing it up for everyone.
  4. Parts of our bases have suddenly decayed, cryopods suddenly dead Since yesterday many parts of our bases on Ragnarok have decayed, despite us playing the game each day on these bases. Many wooden parts are gone, including a tree platform with quite a complicated build on it. Also gone are electrics and water pipes. After being online a few minutes ten full up cryofridges with perfectly fine charged pods were suddenly full of dead pods, all dinos that were in them are lost. Even if the electric lines all vanished yesterday there is no way all the cryopods would go dead that fast. This kinda crap is really depressing, this is around a year's worth of work gone just like that.
  5. All the purple paint in my base turned orange I have a base on Ragnarok and suddenly since last night all the things that were painted purple, such as walls, window frames, tek doors etc, have all turned orange. We have not done this ourselves, no one sneaked around doing it for a laugh or anything.
  6. Very disappointed that dino candies were taken away I have really enjoyed playing Ark for a long time now and was looking forward to Genesis, but since the dino candies were taken away from everyone I have lost interest. It is not worth looking forward to any future events such as Easter, Christmas etc as what is the point of going through all the effort to take part just to have nearly everything taken away from you at the end. I give up, thanks for nothing, Wildcard.
  7. I read about this in the community crunch but really thought that it wouldn't happen, it's such a miserable thing to do, all the effort during the events to get the candies was just a pure waste of time, I don't think i shall bother with them in future if this is the way things are going to be handled by Wildcard. This is just another reason for me to play less and less with the game.
  8. I'm currently stuck trying to transfer back from The Center to Rag, i tried my own transporter and one of the obis but after selecting the server to travel to and pressing transfer nothing else happens.
  9. I would have to say that i do agree somewhat with the idea that these recent events (Halloween and Turkey) are more for higher level players or tribes as trying to kill the event turkeys and bone creatures is pretty tough, currently to kill turkeys I am having to use either a giga or a managar, neither of which are available to beginner or lower level players. I guess a group of lower level players could work together but you do need a lot of kills to get all of the event items and emotes, and there has not been too many bone animals or turkeys around to actually kill, at least on the official online Ragnarok map that i play. I checked in my single player game and it was the same.
  10. Good to know, thanks GP. I would have replied earlier but couldn't because of the posting limit for new accounts on this forum....
  11. I can confirm this now works for me on official server.
  12. I just tried it in a single player game and there it worked for me. It still does not work online on an official server though.
  13. Yes, I am hovering over an item, if you don't then the option to pick things up does not appear.
  14. F key to pick up all doesn't seem to do anything PC client update v302.4 added this new feature: Added "F" alternate activate option on items to pickup all items in a nearby range I just tried it and it doesn't do anything for me, nothing gets picked up at all.
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