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  1. 'cheat tp' commands for red/blue/green/king terminals With regard to ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: v298.31 that was recently updated, what is the meaning of adding the following to the official servers? I have read the wiki page regarding console commands so understand that it lets you teleport to the different obelisks, but as far as i can tell it does not (and should not?) work on official servers, so does this mean it is only for unofficial servers, maybe this feature was broken in some way?
  2. I am glad to see that the PVE Tribe Warfare System is being disabled as it is very much open to abuse in it's current format. I am in a tribe that was raided due to someone abusing the trust of the alliance system resulting the destruction of our base with many cryoed dinos being lost, along with much damage to a friend's base, as well as yesterday seeing another friend's base raided and destroyed, all because some people in this game are simply too pathetic to actually take part in the real PVP environment. Many of us playing on the PVE servers weren't even aware that such PVP style gameplay tactics were possible and wanted no part of it either. The fact that someone could lie their way into an alliance with one tribe and then themselves actually be able to initiate tribal warfare that dragged in anyone and everyone related to that tribe via the alliance system is to me a senseless gameplay mechanic for a PVE server. At the very least this should have been held in check by having tribal warfare only possible if tribe leaders agreed upon it, not any random nobody that arrives on a server pretending to be something they are not and then being able to cause such misery for people who never wanted anything to do with warfare. Does anybody in their right mind really think that PVE players who have each literally spent thousands of hours building up a base or bases really want all that work wiped out in seconds by a bunch of stupid and brainless thugs? I lost count how much extra time and effort went in to making the report to Wildcard for our base destruction, with the final kick in the teeth being a reply back simply thanking us for the report but being unable to comment on other players. I was so close to simply quitting this game because of these raids because what is the point of playing if this is how you are 'rewarded' for all your efforts.
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