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  1. Still only 15 Coels, learned it the hard way after 2 tries
  2. Same on PC, checked all maps, no Engram available. Checked on modded dedicated, vanilla dedicated and vanilla single player
  3. You can do it with Extended RCon plugin: https://arkserverapi.com/resources/extended-rcon.5/
  4. Just tested it, they reverted the change, just use your old settings to have the same result as before! Thanks Wildcard, we really appreciate it
  5. At least some form of confirmation. Thank you @ZenRowe for helping us out and being a pillar of the unofficial community once more!
  6. I am not sure, wanted to do some tests on this. Zen wrote in his message to me that this takes effect at MaturationSpeed 4 or higher, if this is the case they might never fix this bug as officials almost never have rates higher than 4. Also I need to check if this is 4x setting or 4x in the code (2x setting) Edit: If it is true that these settings only apply to higher rates this is some form of indication that Wildcard was totally aware of the BS they released but still want to harm inofficial servers. I will test it and present the results in here
  7. Another patch, still no fix. It is not that hard, all you have dto do is give a developer the link to this thread @Cedric
  8. I already spoke to Zen Rowe via Discord and told him everything, but I am still unsure if Wildcard declares this a bug. According to Zen the new calculation is only active with MaturationSpeedMultiplier >= 4, something that official servers do not have. So I guess Wildcard just raptored all unofficials without even being aware of it. As often they do not want to realize they did a mistake: Zen even says the imprint bonus scales with the MaturationSpeed, something that is just wrong, he did not check it or he is just telling what everyone wants to hear to not have to fix the bug. Not sure how to handle this, at the moment I am not willing to put any more work and / or money into Ark. Unofficials generate a lot of sales for Wildcard without causing any costs (yes, we pay for you @Wildcard) and don not only get zero love by the developers, we get raptored hard for doing this!
  9. It will still give you way to much affinity. The problem is not that we cannot set good intervals anymore, you just need to multiply your old CuddleIntervalMultiplier with you MaturationSpeedMultiplier to get the same intervals as before the patch. The problem is that the amount of affinity is miscalculated. I am tired to explain it again and again All the information you need to understand the problem is in this thread. I will wait for some official announcement if this will be fixed. My first approach to get a Wildcard Dev to take a look at it resulted in the answer that the change is wanted and there is nothing wrong with it. I hope some devs read this thread and at least try to understand the problem...
  10. That's not correct, the TotalMaturationTime is 5550/10 = 555 because of MatureSpeedMultiplier=10 My tests also showed that you need to round down the amount of imptints possible which are calculated with (TotalMaturationTime/((8*60)*CuddleIntervalMultiplier) but keep a minimum of 1. I tested a lot of different settings and this calculation was always correct. 100 / round(550/((8*60)*1))) = 100 / round(550/480) = 100 / round(1.14) = 100 / 1 = 100
  11. Just read the thread, all settings but 1x/1x are wrong!
  12. This is some calculation I made with the calculations from my previous post, it shows that I am correct, all values have been verified ingame. Affinity old: The old calculation for imprints before the change that is still active Affinity new: The way the affinity should be calculated after the change like mentioned above
  13. My research led me to another theory that I already discussed with Zen Rowe, I just hope he will check if I am right and maybe fix the issue. The imprint interval was changed to scale with MaturationSpeedMultiplier while the amount of affinity remains the same as before. This makes your intervals shorter (with x5 Maturation speed your interval is 1/5th of the previous) but still give the same amount of affinity:
  14. We already set our maturation to 1x the day the patch was released, but since then breeding in our cluster is dead (we had x10 before that patch). Is there any fix incoming for this? Some official information would be so nice...
  15. Everyone has, but with the new update Wildcard gave us something different to worry about
  16. All engrams that are hidden in config are no longer available in Creative Mode. We tested this on different clusters, this was confirmed to me by a lot of other server providers. If you add i.e. OverrideNamedEngramEntries=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_Nanny_C",EngramLevelRequirement=9999,EngramPointsCost=9999,EngramHidden=True,RemoveEngramPreReq=False) to your config the S+ Nanny will be blocked for all players AND for creative mode (previously it was only blocked for players). You can still set a level requirement to i.e. 999 and do not hide the engram, but that is a dirty workaround imo.
  17. Changes on Imprint in v300.6 Hey ho, did anyone already figure out the new imprint calculation? Cuddle timers are really messed up atm. Our settings (until the patch): MaturationSpeed = x10 Cuddle Interval = x0.2 Previously this resultet in (using Rex as example): Imprints every 90-100 minutes 20% Bonus per imprint 5-6 imprints possible = 100% Bonus With the new patch it is: Imprints every 9-10 minutes 20% Bonus per imprint Way too easy We can change Cuddle interval to 2 and get back to 90-100 minutes, but it gives 100% bonus then. We tried a lot with the settings but we do not figure out what was changed and how to get back to a fun mechanic. I will now do some kind of research by changing single imprint- and breeding-related settings and see how they affect breeding ingame cause I cannot see any form of logic in the new calculation. It seems like the amount of percentage you get per imprint was not adjusted to the change from the latest patch. Does anyone have any further information or ideas on this topic. Or is any Wildcard employee able to tell us what exactly was changed? Thanks so far, Gunnsen
  18. Recent changes to creative mode Hey hey, me and some other server operators noted that there has been a change to the creative mode. Our admins were always able to use all engrams in creative mode, now all the hidden ones are unavailable. We do not know why that was changed as anyone able to use the cheat to activate creative mode is also able to spawn in any structure, but that change just made planning events and building community areas pretty tedious. Is there any chance that the changes will be reverted? Maybe this even is a bug?! Best regards, Gunnsen
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